Floating Luminarae

Enjoying the gardens on a glorious summer afternoon, I noticed an almost transluscent soft white sphere of Light, maybe 8 - 12 inches across, floating near the banks of our shimmering emerald lagoon.

Piqued, my feet silently crept at a snail's pace in its direction as not to disturb, as if it weren't already quite aware of my presence hidden among the profuse, towering rhododendrons. With BeeBird in tow, we observed its arc and waver between points of interest, with an obvious presence or intelligence readily apparent in its playful, butterfly-like maneuvering, briefly hovering over the wild marsh marigolds, cinnamon ferns, and neon scarlet impatiens along its journey.

Floating northwest through the upper gardens nesting The Hill, we followed it westward, down the winding, sandy lane toward the gate where it hovered just long enough for me to grab the 35mm slide transparency, digitized herein. Immediately bolting due north across the tattered fence into acres of white and Scots pine forest, it vanished before our very eyes, returning to Divine realms from whence it came.

I was graced not one, but several, equally rare photos of our ancient, aetherial BeeBird with its gossimer wings earlier this Sacred Day, seen only once before in our 42 years' tenure as Keepers of the Legend, but that's another story. And so it goes, the unbelievably true and amazing Stories of Tarajories, our beloved and grace-filled Legendary Sacred Site and Grid Node... for those who know... and ONLY for those who know.

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All Stories and Photos from The Stories of Tarajories Collection (c) 1990 through 2018 S. Gregor Rice. Now playing: Dux, inspired by the 2017 Spring Powwow as told in our video of the same name linked to the front page of our Tarajories FSBO website main page, above.

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