There's Gold in Them Thar Hills

What we know about this is short and sweet. Legend has it that the cavalry was coming across this way with a strongbox of gold in the caravan. Indians ambushed the caravan and got away with the strongbox of gold. There was no mention of which of the many tribes of the time it may have been at our first hearing of it.

It was rumored that the strongbox of gold was then buried here in the area. Letters to his grandson in the coveted T. P. Riddle, Sr. documents mentions T.P. having dreams of it being buried here on this particular property. It is probably another reason T.P. kept this beautiful, primo acreage for himself as most developers will.

We have made some feeble attempts, but nothing presented to our dismay. We have talked about hiring someone with ground penetrating radar but have not gotten around to it yet. As such, no one else has admitted to having found it yet. So, a full strongbox of gold is still in wait somewhere near at large. It could be buried anywhere under ground, in the base of one of our gorgeous and truly beloved trees, or deep in Lake Anne. No one knows.

So, as far as we know, it's still out there waiting to be discovered... still waiting to reveal its untold riches to the new owner.

Will it be you who finally finds this glittering guerdon?

And so it goes, another unbelievably true and amazing tale buried in The Stories of Tarajories awaiting your discovery.

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