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Most photos (c) Suzy Rice with the remainder (c) Evan R. Rice available for sale, resale and/or otherwise marketing. The Evening Danse, Multi Top Ten Award-Winning selection from the globally acclaimed StarKid Peace & Plenty Project by Kieswetter~Rice, music/performance: (c) 1987 Mark Kieswetter, lyrics/vocals, text, executive creator/producer... overall project (c) 1986 Gregor Rice, aka Joules LaHae @ Broadjam. Other instrumental music via yours truly by whatever name are scattered throughout this site, also available fore recording and/or otherwise marketing with a few demos also at the Broadjam artist's profile. Unrelated musical accolades not linked at this site: Lay Me Down #1 Gospel Winner in many music festivals wins again this year, semi-finalist Song of the Year Award!

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