Good Morning, Angel

Good Morning, Angel

You'll be waking soon

Good Morning, Angel

To this happy tune

Look at this boundless horizon

The sun is on the rise

This sun, you'll start realizin'

Will soon be in your eyes

Good Morning, Angel

Come, stretch your wings

See what the future brings

[BG chorus]

Hey, Good Morning, Angel

Angel stretch your wings X2

Instrumental interlude 4 measures

Good Morning, Angel

Your abilities

Good Morning, Angel

Are your golden keys

Life is your own self-creation

There's so much you can do

Living the source of causation

Is up to only you

Good Morning, Angel

Reach for the sky

Now you must learn to fly

[BG chorus]

Hey, Good Morning, Angel

Angel, learn to fly X2

Instrumental interlude 8 measures into bridge

Open your eyes to the wond'rous beauty of the day

Come hear the music softly playing

Yes, open your heart to the lovers lost along the way

Simply a tender word guides their way home

Instrumental Interlude 8 measures

Good Morning, Angel

You can make your way

Good Morning, Angel

To a brand new day [spoken: For us all!]

You are the hope of the masses

To save humanity

Though you could save all our asses

You might leave two or three...

[just kidding, he said Musical Comedies sell! ~ alternative/original lyrics are written and available below]

Good Morning, Angel

Knowing you'll fly

We'll see you fly sky high

[Alt/Orig Verse already done 1984 re: 'You are the hope,' above, follow - open/optional]

Let's see your manifestation

Choose your reality

Make life a real celebration

Be all you choose to be

Good Morning, Angel...

Instrumental finale

Lyrics open to tweaking via Gregor Rice after the script is complete

Music: Copyright 1984 Mark Kieswetter & Gregor Rice ~ Lyrics: Gregor Rice

Gregor~Rice Publishing & Production ~ BMI ~ 260-495-3211 after 11 a.m. ET

[this piano rendition recorded on a boombox at the time of writing may be a little fast]

[much thanks to Dad & Mom for the loan of their boombox else all would have been lost!]

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