Options: Additions or Exchanges Pending Storyline and Dialogue

More dynamic, orchestral, and celestial new~agey works in the former PC studio setup will be uploaded here ASAP. Story line may require another love song but the overall production still needs to focus on rabble rousing those StarKidz in lieu.

One in a Million

One of the most beautiful duets ever written, via Kieswetter~Rice, paperwork notes it a festival winner! I forgot. Originally created for another StarKid work, it could easily fit here. iMovie via Gregor Rice, with words and music in lieu of vocals yet to record, created to cheer an old friend suddenly taken quite ill, with printable lyric sheet respectfully submitted here. More truth to the story, Gregor was actually married to the wind in the Sacred Ring Ceremony here on The Hill conducted by our Kiowa Lightning Shaman friend who prefers to remain anonymous.

When I'm in Love

Made the final round for film consideration. Engaging, dynamic, the usual from Kieswetter~Rice, Lori LeFevre Johnson, vocals, perfect pitch before pitch correct was even invented.

Quintessential Peace

Currently in IN Top Ten @ Broadjam, quintessential Gregor Rice via mp3 or video below. Visuals of Tarajories will emanate extreme healing energy and otherwise fill the theatre with palpable, high~vibe energy, so production teams might consider incorporating some new, professionally garnered clips.

No Reason No Rhyme

This ala 'The Rose' type piece embedding hints of CSNY, may work if the script team chooses to include a scene presenting the injustice and agony of life. However, unless it's necessary for a copacetic story line, the original intent is to stay with the feel~good productions.

Message from Michael

Energetic dance number inspired by Michael Jackson's tragic death. Just [2/29/18] jumped into IN Top Ten @ Broadjam! If used, clearance may be required on ethereal references to MJ's signature hits. Said references can be eliminated or changed out.

Don't Leave Me Now

A quintessential Manalow formula song. Ahhh, the 80s... for a tear jerking storyline scene. Dan O'Connor nailed these vocals receiving a 10 out of 10 on a local TV talk show!

Believe in Me

Typical Broadway genre, easily delivered by The Light, The Hierarchy, Ieshea, or creative inclusion by the script team. Obviously requires full production with any changes required OK 2 Go. As noted elsewhere, these piano versions were recorded on a borrowed boom box and the time of writing, performed by the master, Mark Kieswetter.

For the God that I Know and the God that I See

Another haunting Broadway work by Kieswetter~Rice. Recorded on a borrowed boom box and the time of writing, performed by the master, Mark Kieswetter. Originally intended for the Broadway Musical ala Spiritual Journey Around the world

Chablis Blanc

Could add lyrics to fit the scene if this if used. Recorded on boombox via Gregor Rice.

More or Less

Soft and sweet with vocals by Lori LeFevre Johnson. Could work if more 'storyline' is used in lieu of 'the work' as suggested.

I'll Never Give Up On Me

Another nice stage piece with lyrics in process, open for rewrites according to scene. Recorded on cassette during lesson time.

There You Are

Typical Broadway with lyrics in process ready to change out for scene requirements.

Blocks for You

New lyrics make this a fun, uptempo not quite rap or hiphop fit.

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