~ Or Any Way! ~

~ Elevator Pitch [OSP] ~

~ StarSeed Hybridzae Activate to Awaken & Activate Earth-Saving StarKidzae ~

~ The Great Awakening ~

~ Synopsis ~

IESHEA callz her StarBryd Brood. They respond in droves!

Love & Laughter Light their Way as they Danse & Sing their Dream Awake into

Balance, Harmony & Oneness ~ Peace & Plenty ~ for All

As a Greener Earth Thrivez in their Wake!

***This is not a drill. Repeat. NOT a drill.***

A BreakThru, Mold~Shattering Broadway Musical Comedy

Spotlighting stellar, quintessential Broadway hits

Sparked with contemporary uptempo and indefinably out-of-this-world numberz.

It's certifiable genius, On and Off Broadway. StarKamp! Broadway or Any Way!

~ The Technology of Love in the Language of Light ~

~ Definitely! The Great Awakening! ~

~ Collaboratorz' PDF Reprise ~

~ Video Pitch/Trailer-in-Process Reprise ~

This showcase intendz to engage seasoned collaboratorzae, and/or hybridae ilk, by Kidz for Kidz, each their own unique creation from the templatezae, music, & info herein, et al. Song lineup is suggested, with alternate works available. All songs require re-recording, scores, some require updated arrangements. New material is also optional and available. Story outline is suggested but not cast in stone.

~ Whooooo the ??? ~

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