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A BreakThru, Mold~Shattering Broadway Musical Comedy

Spotlighting stellar, quintessential Broadway hits

Sparked with contemporary uptempo and indefinably out-of-this-world numberz.

It's certifiable genius, On and Off Broadway. StarKamp!

State-of-the-Art Interdimensional Ancient Artz & Sciencez Brought to the World Thru the Non-threatening Universal Language of Music, Song & Danse... with a little story thrown in for good reviewz... A little circus, and a lot of laughs! ...A Real Song & Danse Routine!

***This is not a drill. Repeat. NOT a drill.***

The Technology of Love in the Language of Light.

Important notes & live demonstrations follow with song list linked at bottom

Note: Successful market test 1988 linked below, re: Kidz making their parents bring them back 3 times in the same day! The costume, per se, will not be in the musical unless collaborators write that particular character in. Point being, demonstration~evidence of the attractive gravitational pull of the energy~production. And think an accompanying interactive follow-up website ala Kahn Academy for the Right Brain with processes, tools and techniques to get Kidz oriented in a Whole-Brained, Heart-Centered state for happy, healthy, productive, peaceful living. Lots of cool, merchandising: scientific toys, tools, gifts, and gadgets, wearables, et al to boost investor return and/or support the free web platform. See Shabbethai calling the Children of the RainbowStar and finding them in droves, 1988, below.

Additional possibilities: if the productions comes thru Broadway/Off Broadway, then the cast will want to be a manageable number. However! If the production comes thru 'schools' ~ [or better yet outside of or after school to nix the BS] which was the original intent: interactive, activational, all-inclusive ~ then a much greater number can participate, and a part can be written in for anyone who wants to be in it, ala: 'Casts of Thousands. Parts for All.' Virtual choir and orchestra is also on the books featuring the WISE use of technology. What lies herein are multi-media bits of live demonstrationz which will activate and align. Thereafter, the Kidz present their own unique version and abilities written into each personalized/local presentation to our 'template' once they get the gist via the original production. The Kidz would then ultimately write their own versions of the script/dialogue using this 'special music' [see: The New Human by Mary Rodwell re: special music] herein given the originals in the first presentation, then with their own orchestrations because they're going to want to present this more than once to give everyone a chance to show their ware-zae. And it also gives them more learning and experience in playwriting and music ed, orchestrating, arranging, et al. Info here got a bit long, but the songz truly are linked below in this illuminating rollercoaster ride of ridez.

This showcase intendz to engage seasoned collaboratorzae, and/or hybridae ilk, by Kidz for Kidz, each their own unique creation from the templatezae, music, & info herein, et al. Song lineup is suggested, with alternate works available. All songs require re-recording, scores, some require updated arrangements. New material is also optional and available. Story outline is suggested but not cast in stone.

For Reprise of same 2:45 iMovie-in-pocess Pitch, click the geospin icon here

For Reprise of easy~share pdf ad with clickable links to fwd to possible collaboratorz, click here.

OK to Proceed re: the following

Important Sidenotes: Background Research & General Info. No other research on your part is required, unless you care to do so and share with the team. Click asispin.gif for direct link to sidetones or after at least a quick perusal of the songz and lyricz with general outline linked at bottom of this page.

The general overview should make sense without taking time for all links, though truly too good to miss! If time only allows listening to a few songs, be sure to catch the first and finale numberzae, GoodMorning Angel & You've Got to Have a Dream, though the links to demos, et al, are really too good to miss! Oh, I said that.
Lyrics, music, demos via sparkling star under mp3 player are currently being reset to one page ASAP, slow going alone.
Click here for easy~read, printable white page version in-process, available ASAP, ibid on slow going.

This spectacular production intentionally does NOT involve or need a protagonist, violence, annoying, shrill voices, explosions or other disruptive, startling loud sounds, shocking visual content, or overly sad scenes. Deal with it.

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Lineup of Stellar Musical Works

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