Sidetones 1: Collaboratorz' Background Research & General Info: Who, What, Where, When, Why, How Much, and The UnFoldding of 'The Work'

[8-25-19: This easier reading unfinished white page still requires updates that are on the stellarlineup2.html. Will do ASAP.]

CAVEAT!!! The first 2 links below are background only. This issue will not be mentioned in the work, save a comedic note, perhaps, most likely not. This production is about the RESULTS of the experiences reported in Mary, Bridgett and Kathleen's work, samples linked below.

Phase I: The Broadway Production. Who? Indigoz, Crystal Kidz, Rainbow Kidz, Empathz, Hybridz... by whatever name, under one umbrella, I call them StarKidz, they're here, lost... in the grueling mess life on Earth has become. This multi~media experiential interactive activation, complete with full blown demonstrationz by a bona~fide 2nd generation StarSeed Hybrid, is delivered to the world through the non~threatening universal language, and healing power, of music... the Technology of Love in the Language of Light. This Light and Sound miracle is guaranteed to awaken and orient StarKidz of all agez around the globe. The sets, music, and dialogue shift and orient Kidz to their New Reality.

Phase II: The Virtual Reality~ish Interactive Web Platform. Its general curriculum presents in sidenotes21.html. Awakened StarKidz can then access StarKamp! again any time thereafter via virtual reality StarKamp! online where they can continue to connect, practice and hone their otherwise dormant abilities and appropriate life skillz. Think Kahn Academy for the right brain... and heart... what a world of whole~brained, heart~centered Kidz it will be! Casts of millions. Parts for all. It all startz here.

Demonstrations and storiez (from The Stories of Tarajories in process) in wait of photos are linked as an aside, and as proof, i.e., See One, Do One, Teach One. However, it's likely collaborators will want to incorporate some of them in this multimedia montage. Music and lyrics are totally open to rewrites to best fit the final 'story line.'

Another insert of import being ONE major factor re: why the global social scene has continued to de-volve... regress... in this senseless tailspin is because the parent generation does not, or has not in the past at least, known that the offspring have enhancements and abilities they do not possess. As such, they have no idea what or how to support and nurture them properly. It's also common for the less aware and awakened to chide, lash out and confuse those ahead of them with hurtful words and actions which, in most cases, shuts them down. Unacceptable. The tables have turned. This collective program solves these issues as well, just in the process of inspired, spontaneous creation~listening with effort on collaborators' parts.

Looking for seasoned producers and collaborators on this first draft, et al, or Kidz eager to learn the craft using this template. Would prefer to wait for collaborators to flesh out scenes, dialogue, etc. Song order, number, and/or substitution may likely change this first draft song list. A few key songs are still being recorded as of 8-25-19 and will be uploaded when finished. Some songs are mastered. Except a few piano only versions, all are in midi or LogicX files available for reworking as required to fit dialogue, new arrangements, updated production, etc. All require scores for live performance. [She doesn't read music so factor a notation expert into the budget. Injuries likely require Gregor to work from home, with Mark possibly available for minor consultation on music. Other music and incidental fillers are available for review on the options.html via the Spinning RainbowStar at bottom of this page with transfer from 1980s cassette, when this production was created, in process. Lyrics are linked via the first sparkling star under the mp3. Since further injuries, it's unlikely the outline, 10 page spec script via Final Draft and pdf, in the appropriate formats and fonts, that was planned will be furnished, so collaboratorz GO for it! You can do it! Gregor will be available for overall orchestration and consultation, possibly some demonstrations.

BackGround From Which to Create StarKamp! Broadway. Just listen to the youtubes and let the info bubble up during your creation process. And like the discerning swan, take what you like and leave the rest. Don't freak. Just get the gist. Skip through if time is limited. But, it's customary for everyone onboard to do their homework on any project, Broadway or film, and it's all conveniently presented here.

We may use snippetz from some of the presenters linked below and on sidetones.html, if it workz, me thinkz it will.

!!! Most importantly, this production will be demonstrating and reiterating the Light within: the LightBody, the energy bodies, auras, chakras, circuitry, et al. I need to revamp this entire page since I just realized I have et al on another page but totally forgot to list it here in my total overload trying to do this all myself. So in the interim of revamping this entire page, please see the links in the elementary version webpages at Foster the Light linked below for 'all about your Light,' to include/first cause in this production as the live or multimedia demonstrations will present. The most important links would be Dr. Korotkov's GDV, Biowell, ala Kirlian on steroids, Master Steven Co of Pranic Healing has some BEAUTIFUL videos of bio-energy in his beginning cleansing techniques, 3 in 1 Concepts, BodyCode2.0, Voice Resonance Analysis, just one of the many feedback systems which will be available on the followup support web platform for StarKidz of all Agez. !!! Until this page is finished, please see said links at the Foster page as convenient, there's a lot there but it's an entirely separate project, and also sidenotes2.html for supporting links. This is all background to review then just allow the creative process in Divine listening guide your work.

Reprise from Sidenotes2.html ~ Important Note re: content and activation! The Resonant Heart Factor FailSafe! Throughout history, humanity has taken 'The Next Step' graciously given in every venue directly to a very bad place. [i.e.: nuclear bomb for example] This time, and in the future, humanity's 'Next Steps' will ONLY come through those who have attained a whole-brained, heart-centered status... with its automatic, built-in Resonant Heart Factor FailSafe. As such, rest assured, that StarKid giftz and abilitiez will be and can only be used for positive, beneficial, productive works, and bring through further new discoveries, inventions, technologies, et al, to be used for the benefit of all. Using said abilitiez and giftz can in no way possible ever be used for, taken over, coerced, or otherwise forced into using for harm in any way. A slow phase, perhaps. But a phase nonetheless. Welcome. Welcome to The Light.

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