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Yes... The Technology of Love in the Language of Light!

[ Re: Fire & Lightning Logo: 7 FireWalkz ~ 3 Lightning Hitz ~ Several 360* Cosmic Consciousness Events. But skip those placeholder pagez for now & focus below. ]

[ Save for later any mention of several 360* Cosmic Conscious Experiencez, finding out what it was After-the-Fact, Death & Back with Angelic Visitation, Near Deathz, OOBE's, & Experiencer/Volunteer [also after-the-fact which is why you need this information NOW] that Qualify this Sojourner in the Arena... Storiez currently included in The Storiez of Tarajories in another subdomain.] This may seem like too much info. It is. Just take it at your leisure as inspired, preferably on computer/laptop or iPad, not phone, get the gist, & go 4 it!

~ You ARE Light ~

~ You HAVE a Physical Body... among otherz ~

Just add Love! This page accidentally became the general curriculum for the ongoing web support platform. Suffice for both that and the collaborator's orientation information, if you will. SO! Get Oriented: Before you begin StarKamp! Broadway, or anyway, or any other urgent work you choose to do, bring more Power, Clarity, Love & Light to your Mission, your Calling, or whatever you choose to do in life via the linked PRACTICEZ, as in Practice, Practice, Practice! Back in the day, when this project was created starting 1984, I called the physical body your 'SubSuit.' What I meant by that was the authentic You filtering down thru the layerz, or dimensionz, settling into the physical body, aka subsuit, with all its toolz to allow for interaction in this 3rd dimensional bandwidth, and otherz, on Earth. The original StarKamp! website was wiped out without notice, so... Placeholderz & now this 'RoadMap' or 'PlayBook' in a general reprise of the StarKamp! curriculum, let this page serve a dual purpose for both StarKamp! Broadway, et al, collaborators & general StarKamperz, whatever they choose to do. No need to reinvent the wheel with so much information & beautiful visualz available via youtube! If we all were only given this 'RoadMap/PlayBook' at birth... what a wonderful world it would be. And now we have it This work offers you a platform to bring more of who you are to the table, in a safe space, practice and demonstrate your abilities, be HEARD, listened to, taken seriously, and your insights acted upon now, before it's too late for this world!

YOU have the answerz that former citizens & even Kamperz do not have. Given that your uplinez won't necessarily understand or be able to nurture in you what they don't have in themselves, do not let that stop you. Do not make them bad & wrong. Just do it. You have this now to hold your hand & Light your way. The links/info below give you the tools to get into your whole-brained/heart-centered state to bring your self, information and answers to the fore. It's all up to you now. Don't let anyone stop you or shut you down. This dual function page is set to awaken, empower, & activate you, and support you manifesting your Light and abilities that present in doing so, to use NOW. [see: The MAX~Q below, to activate your ET DNA, and go for it] Dual function: originally for collaboratorz on the StarKamp! Broadway or any way projectz, became for all StarKamperz, whatever you choose to do once you get activated, oriented, & situated in your new whole-brained, heart-centered, empowered soulful self to create the new reality on Earth NOW. So, yes, it got a little long, and will probably get longer. However, you do not have to engage the entire work before starting the StarKamp! or other projectz. The minutia is stifling for me so please do not make me do this over! I just can't get that small, i.e.: tedious office-type work. If you're inclined to chime in to make these web pages more appealing & fun for Kampers more your age, please do. Chiming in via any facet of this work, i.e. web designers, organizerz, coordinatorz, assistantz, theatre aficionados, musicians, toolz & talent in any form, et al: WELCOME!

The information, and links, herein is the work to be included in your free, online, virtual reality web platform to connect & practice, so funding or volunteers with web skillz are welcome. The 'Template' page for those who resonate with the StarKamp! project, et al, is linked at bottom. You are invited to present your own version of StarKamp! Broadway, or any way, each troup creating your own unique version, introducing yourselvez, collectively & personally, to the world, demonstrating your unique abilitiez written into & presented via your unique StarKamp! production however you fit them in via the suggestions in the Template is linked at bottom & on Table of Contentz page. This 'Template' suggestz important pointz to be included as well as notez on how to present the scintillating, interactive Light & Sound Activation presentation. MultiMedia & demonstrationz linked herein are also open for inclusion if desired.

Energency LightWork with Master Steven Co, first out. Reconnection with Dr. Eric Pearl. Also, Gregg Braden's series on The Missing Link is available on youtube, originally Gaia. This presentation re: How to Awaken Hidden Potentials Within Our Lives, gives you tools and techniques to accomplish this fast! The original StarKamp website included all of these techniques not he page, but not in video, so again, why reinvent the wheel, when they've done such a stellar job showing you how! In the second link, Gregg walks you through the heart brain connection process experientially. Start here then major and minor circuitry will get you into your best whole-brained, heart-centered state. AND for the ULTIMATE in Heart/Brain Coherence Training, see HeartMath linked directly below graciously offering Free Access Right Now! Thank You, HeartMath! Another glimpse into what Kidz will do! Thereafter, Do What Ya Do! You Got This!

EMERGENCY LightWork with Master Steven Co ~ Anchor The Light! Clearing & Healing at its finest.

EMERGENCY LightWork with Master Steven Co ~ Deep Emotional Healing. The most powerful clearing anywhere.

Insert. General Orientation: Thanks to the Gambles & Crew, Thrive, confirms all info in this website-in-process. Check it out at your leisure after a quick purusal of the links herein, then get back to following the processes linked below, daily. Join the Thrive Movement today!

And a long list of support... just a few of us who are here for YOU linked belowstarting with Donna Eden demonstrating 'Clearing & Strengthening Your Circuitry,' effective techniques originally developed by Gordon Stokes & Dan Whiteside of 3 in 1 Concepts:

So! For state-of-the-art anchoring fully into your body, subsuit, charging that photon density at core, Being The Light & Power that you are, bringing your giftz, talentz, abilitiez, inspired ideaz, & answerz to the table, thru the body, anchoring & activating your authentic soul-self into the world fully to transform the world, or whatever you do with it... gobble up everything you can via The Master, Dr. Sue Morter, important youtubez, website & youtube channel linked below the intro.

Start with Central Channel Breathing, add the Morter March, p. 161 & MPower Step, & utilizing B.E.S.T. Release to the Max~Q, [a little foreshadowing there re: the MAX~Q explained @ bottom] grab The Energy Codes: Chapter 6: The Clearing Code, to start clearing & reprogramming your subconscious, then go back & start from Square One while continuing these practicez. Always remember to INFUSE the subconscious with a positive after you have removed a negative or that space will fill up with more gunk or worse. Always perform a protective measure of your choosing beforehand, too. Dr. Sue'z video with Consciousness Guru Aaron Doughty mentionz the Torus Donut, demonstrated via yourz truly in the Energy/Weather Demo linked below Dr. Sue'z info. The following addresses the major circuitry. There is also a minor circuitry re: meridians, etc., needing to be addressed but we'll get to that later. There are also more trauma defusion tools to offer, but for now, get this practice moving. Cut to the chase: Introducing, for those who have not yet connected, The Master, Dr. Sue Morter.

Need to Know Insert 8-30-20 Orientation: Breaking Archonic Control via David Icke on Gaia.com

Need to Know Insert 8-30-20 Orientation: Ascension Keepers series via William Henry via Gaia.com ~ sign up today!

Ok, now back to StarKamp! Sidenotes 1 urgent orientation information and practices.

3-28-20 ~ Urgent! Just in: From Dr. Sue's 3-25-20 Live Healing Transmission, The Replay. Do it to stabilize in The Light. After that, more urgent info from Gregg Braden re: the current situation and what to do for yourself and global family. Dr. Bruce Lipton with another daring presentation. And, of course, Dr. Joe Dispenza with further enlightening news. And one more: a 'given' from the onset, long time companions from the very beginning of StarKamp with their FreezeFrame, and now all their other goodies, thank you, HeartMath. THEN, resume below for the original StarKamp! orientation links.

~ Corona Repellent ~

~ Power Up Your Energy & Your Light With The Next 5 Links ~

~ Knowledge is Power: IF You Know The Right Stuff! ~

~ Now, Back to the Original Orientation Information & Practices ~

It's all about circuitry! After you're set with this, your Major Circuitry, check out more re: your Minor Circuitry from back in the day @ the StarKamp placeholder page via the FireWalk icon above. And, check out Three In One Concepts on YouTube, Donna Eden & Adam Smith. Other body systemz' circuitry is also important. Learn about blown circuitz & reversed polaritiez and how to un-switch them via easy techniquez & PRACTICEZ to get & stay up to speed, clear & energized, whatever you choose to do. So! When you understand the practice & 'self-positioning' in your 'core' demonstrated on this page handled, we'll start teamz of WeatherWork immediately to calm the rage of climate change, normalizing the otherwise escalating situation. Just so you really 'get' that you really CAN do it, start with Charlie Brown's cloud disappearing and indigenous tribe's cloud accumulating: Rain Danse. Sun Danse/Rain Danse, and yes, Dansing does it! The real work focuses on cleaning up the planet & calming the global societal condition. See: Energy & WeatherWork Demonstration [sans captionz] linked below to get up to speed on the abilitiez you have & mptoce if you resonate to being on that particular team. Other teamz are also on the list but for now, that is enough to know. Healing abilitiez are a given, so just know y'all have that for yourself & others.

~ Energy & WeatherWork Demonstrationz of What YOU Can Do with Dan Winter's Scientific Explanation Immediately Below ~

Warming: watching this demonstration will activate your abilitiez. You CAN do it, 2 ! Be sure to read the 'show more' for Dan Winter's explanation in txt and linked video!

~ Now Back to Dr. Sue for More on How to Get There! ~

~ Homo Noeticus: The NEXT Generation ~

~ ExtraTerrestrial~Angelic: The Ieshean Lineage ~

~ Ring Any Bellz? ~

~ Your Light Will Change the World! Dr. Constantine Korotkov's GDV assessmentz are number uno in the MAX~Q assessment package explained toward bottom of page. ~

~ HeartMath's FREE courses now open for Kidz & Adults re: Beginning Heart~Brain Coherence Training ~

~ As Will Your Sound Change the World: David Gibson demonstratez induction, pay attention around :27 minutes where he explains, then participate in the harmonization/induction. You'll get the gist. We don't need everybody o the planet to get the desired result, peace & plenty, in case you forgot, we only need the 100th monkey. This interview is his workshop promotion with Steven Dinan of The Shift Network. [Not sure how long it will be online.] Hear about The MAX~Q still state-of-the-art Light & Sound Therapy, et al, System below the energy hygiene, backstory, & additional linkz.

~ Energy Hygiene: Beautiful Wayz to Clear & Cleanse Your Energy, Heal YourSelf & Otherz ~

~ Beautiful Energy Cleansing via R.A.B. Ambrosius, Pranic Healing via GrandMaster Choa Kok Sui ~

~ Beautiful Energy Cleansing: Pranic Healing via Badra Maktari ~

~ Anointed Master Steven Co, offering the Abridged Meditation on Twin Hearts

~ This... this should be the preface. Hon. Dr. Gregg Braden still leading the way. Namaste.

Certainly not at all last, Dr. Deepak Chopra, for Kampers with healing abilities at the fore. All campers have healing ability to varying degrees. As such, we recommend this stellar life's work to start, then explore any of the many other modalities heralded online.

~ THE BACKSTORY via Bridget Nielsen with reprise in Sidenotez 2. Caveat! The information presented in this video is not the view of other presenterz linked on this or other pagez, [as far as we know.] Many variationz, the new global society. Yes, we all get along! Following this RoadMap/PlayBook getz you there Link 2 is the 1-2-20 update re: what to DO... like I said... YOU have the answers. the world needs and will listen to you. Speak out! Do what ya do!

~ More Demontrationz of What Else You Can Do via Hon. Dr. Gregg Braden

A Scientist's Explanation of the Subconscious: our favorite huggy-bear, Dr. Bruce Lipton.

Now I've GOT to get Dr. Joe on this page, though he's first out on other pages. Let me check for the last word to post here ASAP. Ah! This seems to be his latest.

RE: DRUGS. Please refrain as it will get in your way. Love charts & graphs! So! In the ballpark with Aaron Doughty's Consciousness Chart, similar to Dr. Sue's offerings, from the younger set... How this applies: as you raise your consciousness you will get to a level where any type of drug, 'assistant,' hits its limits & will douse or limit your next higher level. So, if you experiment, not recommended, but if you do, you will come to find that instead of opening & allowing access to the next higher level, it will shroud & shut you down. and yank you right out of the greater ranges you're working to access. So, blissful states & clarity intended, here's a ballpark from Aaron to guide you. Love you, Aaron. Palace, don't yell at us! LOL.

A Sweet DNA Activation via Your Youniverse

Architects of the New Paradigm Conference Postponed. Keep checking for new date.

Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD re: Staying Well & Nixing Corona or Any Nasty Bug.

Master Steven Co re: Cleansing the Body of Corona or Any Nasty Issue..

The MAX~Q Light & Sound Therapy & Assessment System ~ Have a ball tracking yourSelf & other Kamperz!

Ah! The MAX~Q! People have been wondering about that for decades now. Viola: Maximum Astrophysical Xemogenesis! Needless to say, way back in the day before serendipitously running across BETAR, Bio-Energetic Transducer Aided Resonance, VibraSound/MindWave via John Emery & Don Estes, & later DreamWeaver, I had already moched up the prototype with a simple single waterbed mattress and a Fostex US-10 underwater speaker. Of course it worked! My initial test blew the water right out of the bathtub! LOL. It worked much better in fact, since it was constructed of piano-grade birch resonant under board & WATER. Yes, you just lay on it. And more on water later, [see: Dr. Emoto's water experimentz], or you can access some of that via the original StarKamp! placeholder still in wait of the final virtual reality web StarKamp! support platform. In the floor of my Danse arena in the atrium of VibraHouse where all this engaged, I used 4 rock solid, 0 artifactz, Aura Bass Shakerz kicked up with a phase coupled activator. The additional surrounding Light & Sound System adding a pair of Jamo Towerz on the atrium floor, 4' Cerwin Vegas in the loft, 2X2' Demon Subwoofer Cube facing east, Yamaha NS-10 studio monitorz, [when not using them for recording/mixing], plus the home theatre surround sound system... [I probably forget what else by now] ...all attenuated via hematite cube~octa. Rocked?! It screamin' Rocked! Besides that, it worked! I used this to heal up from death and back, all the above, time and again, climbed the overtones into sublime state of bliss, and what i called the Cosmic Orgasm, written about in The Stories of Tarajories, and learned the 'Dansing' that made it so, directly from The Light, also told in 'Stories.'

The Danse is rather an advanced Tai Chi/Ballet Mix, more or less. When the Danse Does You, you know you're there. And so I was, enhanced by the high, healing energy of this beloved Sacred Site & Grid Node. I call it VibraHouse! LOL! NOW, I'm not suggesting you do this since I am not 'selling' them and not bonded and insured and all that mumbo jumbo that wreck everything. So if you do experiment, do so at your own risk. Better yet, get with David Gibson and try his table out and go from there. Caveat! The MAX~Q is NOT a toy. It is a scientific and possibly medical device as the world is coming around, finally, and not to be used by anyone with epilepsy, prone to seizures, or reactive to light or certain sounds, etc.

The work ala David Gibson noted above a given, obviously, with a kicked-up intent along with its healing capacitiez, created to resonate & activate all that ET DNA that's laying dormant in there just waiting for something like this to come along and shake it up! Now, it's much easier to focus specific frequencies into a target area when required, but for now, let's just get the gist. I had the plans/drawings and photos online when home computers and the internet finally because available and was also waiting for technology to catch up, then... woe, that wasn't supposed to happen... and et al went by the wayside while I was busy learning how to come back from death and save my life over and over again via repeated toxic chemical injuries, which I did totally without the help of the traditional medical community, and that's another story.

I used fiber opticz specialty lighting on an 8 color color wheel for the healing light. It rocked. Later I built a 'spa' with transducerz under a huge soaking tub with 16 color on remote LED's which I also invented years before they came out but companies I contacted for help with prototyping said it couldn't be done then eventually did. Ain't it the way of business, or should I say WAS the way because all that's going away as the phase of y'all comez to pass.

Another facet of The MAX~Q is the assessment and feedback systems including voice resonance analysis, which I see David Gibson has also included by another presenter. I was an underclassman of Sharry Edwards of Sound Health, Signature Sound back in the day. So include a VRA assessment, Iridology, Thermography, and the DNA, blood review, anything that's available in app or other home digital format. First and foremost, of course, the GDV assessments via Dr. Korotkov linked above! And so on... Now it can all be wrapped up in a tidy laptop or smartPhone. But keep in mind, the wise use of technology, since the verdict is still out on how safe all that gear is. Suffice for now, any questions, e me. Contact info is listed herein.

And definitely don't forget the reason for all this super stuff! StarKamp! The template is given herein on other pages, ready to rock & roll with your own versionz. I can't wait to see what you'll do with it! The template will give you the flow on when and where to present your own demonstrations, LIVE!, or digitized, and the gamut! Tell the world who you are via this non-threatening Light & Sound Extravaganza and LOVE changing the world while you're doing it! The intent is to become the dentist Light you can muster and bring it with a Love & Peace that surpasses any explanation! Imagine a world of whole-brained, heart-centered Kamperz! You Can Do It, Too!

Now! Here's the StarKamp! Broadway trailer-in-process for those who resonate to introduce yourselves via theatre presentation in any form, film, multimedia or new, live global virtual presentation, all to be recorded for replay and well as live & replay streaming.

Anyone resonating to redo this trailer for pitching to the big leaguez is welcome, otherwise, suffice.

More to Come ASAP... In the Interim...

A little frequency for the work: The Evening/Healing Danse via Kieswetter~Rice from the elementary StarKamp! version/demo (c) 1986

A little more frequency for the work

And a little more frequency for the work

Reprise from Sidenotes2.html ~ Important Note re: content and activation! The Resonant Heart Factor FailSafe! Throughout history, humanity has taken 'The Next Step' graciously given in every venue directly to a very bad place. [i.e.: nuclear bomb for example] This time, and in the future, humanity's 'Next Steps' will ONLY come through those who have attained a whole-brained, heart-centered status... with its automatic, built-in Resonant Heart Factor FailSafe. As such, rest assured, that StarKid giftz and abilitiez will be and can only be used for positive, beneficial, productive works, and bring through further new discoveries, inventions, technologies, et al, to be used for the benefit of all. Using said abilitiez and giftz can in no way possible ever be used for, taken over, coerced, or otherwise forced into using for harm in any way. A slow phase, perhaps. But a phase nonetheless. Welcome. Welcome to The Light.

~ Awareness Alert: We Must Determine the Wise Use of Technology. It's Your Call. ~

~ On a Happier Note: How to See Auras via MindBody Green ~

~ The Template ~

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*** This is not a drill. Repeat. NOT a drill ***

Yes... The Technology of Love in the Language of Light.

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