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Supporting Universal Principles for Collaborator ORIENTATION. Snippets of some of the linked presenters footage might be creatively worked in, or ...not.

Links to easily get up to speed before starting to write your version of the book/script. If you only have time for 1, let it be the first link via Bridget Nielsen's UFOlogy talk re: Hybrid Children, that's YOU, of your wouldn't be here. Not absolutely sure, but it could be that the current 2020 plandemic/5G situation could be the last push against their final demise trying to get rid of our StarBryd Brood or maybe just the bulk of the populace. But, no worries. They are on their way out, like it or not. As stated herein elsewhere, a slow phase perhaps, but a phase [OUT] nonetheless. Bon voyage! SO! Stand Strong, Kamperz!

Numero uno, Mary Rodwell's Hybrid Children interview via Portal To Ascension with Tyler and Aaron from Journey to Truth. Thanks, guys! And super thanks, Mary!

Equally importqnt, Bridget Nielsen's Hybrid Children presentation: UFOlogy World Congress 2018

So radiant he's difficult to describe, but has it all, in spades... the illustrious master of Hu, Mark Sims. Mark brings a wealth of knowledge and information from beyong the galaxy. Be sure to attend his upcoming Harmonic Convergence July 2021. And check out his new book, too! A must read!

Insert: Reprise from sidenotes1.html re: the Gamble's Thrive Movement comfirming everyting within the pages of this website-in-process for your general orientation. Many of the luminaries interviewed therein are already linked herein. Join the Thrive Movement today! But don't forget the remaineder of this page, or the production!

Hon. Dr. Gregg Braden with the absolute latest as usual. Be sure to check out his new book, The Wisdom Codes, as well. And be sure to update on all presenters here as there os no way I can keep up with the lightspeed of the incomding!

Forbidden Knowledge. Kudos to Dr. Gregg Braden for the audacity present! DO NOT MISS! And Do NOT GIVE YOUR POWER AWAY! 2020 Expo Update on Who We Are! And I'll leave this from Dr. Gregg as well.

And the latest from Dr. Joe! Do Not Miss! 6 Secrets: You Can Do It, Too! But check for his updates which are plenty since this post.

Drs. Gregg Braden & Bruce Lipton. FEAR NOT! 'Fear' is the 'disease.' The conversation of a lifetime. Do Not Miss! Yes, it all applies to the StarKamp! production, and actually I already have it linked somewhere herein. See more on Cymatics in sidenotes1.html.

Given the Lightbody, energy body, auras, et al, being first cause... What we're bringing to Light via musical comedy after that fact, basically, in the intermediate age levels, via Dr. Bruce Lipton in this 10 minute video. But, hey... for information only, DO NOT try these demonstrations at home. Another point to consider: Frequency. The Field, and the Frequencies therein. It just takes awareness... and PRACTICE. See Dr. Sue Morter's work on Sidenotes1.html. And the 'Must See' 10 minute Dr. Bruce Lipton YT here.

CAVEAT 1 !!! It's difficult to put the next link in order of importance. If only a few minute is available to you know, be sure to grab at least 15 minutes of Bridget Nielson's Hybrid Children presentation. If this subject freaks you out, then think of it as common evolution. Offspring usually have enhancements their parents couldn't muster, except in my case of extraStellar parents. Either way, the production is about children with enhanced abilities so they can introduce themselves to global society in a safe, non-threatening way, and this is it.

CAVEAT 2 !!! The 'abduction' issue as reported will not be mentioned in the work, save a comedic note, perhaps, most likely not at all. It's not about tv-land, hyped up, terrifying 'abductions' as reported in the general media or whether it's true or not, still open for discussion. I wasn't 'abducted.' I was a volunteer... in the most important, extraordinary galactic experiment in the history of humankind. Thank God, all my Kidz are up in the ships! This production is about the RESULTS of the experiences reported in Bridgett, Kathleen, and Mary's work. It's about who they are and what they can and will do to save the earth. The work of the other presenters linked throughout are support and demonstrations of the state and capabilitiez of the new society.

Another interview via Mary Rodwell who has been at it as long as yours truly. Latest book: The New Human, esp. pp. 102-111 notes 'special music' [such as herein] that activates DNA, but no mention of The MAX~Q Gregor invented to go with, which would be, 'Maximum Astrophysical Xemogenesis,' the 'Q' standing for Resonation, of course! Of course! But truly, I perfer to orchestrate behind the scenez.

Kathleen Marden, expert UFO researcher, MUFON ~ check out her new book, ET Contact, page 224 re: volunteers, that's us.

The remaining links also need repair, but I'll have to gat back to is another day. I believe they all still work.

Stay tuned to ExoMetaverse as Zanka Caro & Friends keep us up to speed on contact, disclosure and other important info.

Hon. Dr. Gregg Braden: More from The Ancient Texts, just in 7-9-21. the new info is coming in so fast it's difficult to keep these updated, so be sure to update on all presenters listed herein. See Gregg's new work Wisdom Codes on YouTube, Gaia, and elsewhere.

Dr. Bruce Lipton - The Biology of Belief - Full Lecture

Dr. Joseph Dispenza - Full Lecture

Hassim Haramein's Unified Field Theory: Everything is One. We are all ONE. [My note: why do we/humans need scientific proof? Humans are SO slow... knowing that the Kidz will pull this out is my only road to staying sane in this tragically dull society]. Thanks to Hassim, Joe, Gregg, Bruce, Bridgette, Kathleen, and et al for the vote of confidence.

Dr. Bruce Lipton, Dr. Joe Dispenza, & honorary Dr. Gregg Braden, The 3 Amigos, Consciousness & Human Evolution

I considered this youtube on Russian Indigo, Boris Kipriyanovich, several weeks before adding it here. It's long, but a great example... and isn't he just as precious as precious can be? So many... lost so far, to brute force and ignorance of the world. The point being, there are, and have been, SO many Indigos, hybrids, StarSeeds, whatever name, for so long, resulting in them going underground and/or shutting down their Light and abilities, due to the unfortunate hassling from lesser individuals, Muggles and NoMages... myself included on the 'shaking in our boots' underground list. If we continue to let brute force and ignorance win, the world will stay as it is. Divine musicians, scientists, physicists, healers... yeah, that's real scary. The doctor in this long video overseeing the Russian project states that all Kidz are hybrid/Indigo after a certain year. I've been shown that as well. It's up to us now... or never.

On a happier note, this video offers evidence of StarKidz daring to come out and take charge. Get connected via the links in this network.

Reasons Why You'd Want to Chime In: Sister Joan Chittister: The Time Is Now

More Reasons Why, and confirmation on Breathing Techniques ala Dr. Sue, yet another avenue via Sister Pema Chodron

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