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Showcase of Stellar Musical Workzae

The order will likely change a few times or more for that enthralling rollercoaster ride.

Most of the recent demos have way too much reverb which didn't come across on the supposedly flat expensive studio headphones, so... they'll fix it in the mix or most likely, completely redo.

Good Morning, Angel

Big opening number. Energy! Dynamic. Powerful. Engaging. IESHEA, sings to her awakening brood from her Ship of Great Light... Great Ships. Her LightShip lovingly whooshez over rooftops as she activates each StarKid, slowing somewhat, occasionally, to peek in at some very sleepy faces. Lyrics and dialogue set the stage as cast enters one by one.

[Note: Photo/story linked below: Real-time demonstration in being attuned to the Divine, 'pitching one's listening' into the greater ranges with highly developed extended range perception, and as proof of 'Incoming!,' for those who missed it. Doubles as visual suggestions for Ieshea's 'Ship of Great Light... Great Ships,' for art and lighting directors' orientation. Cost effective with simple but enthralling multi~media lighting effects throughout. This, truly quintessential Broadway, piano version below performed by the Master Kieswetter was recorded on a borrowed boombox at the time of writing 1983. Energy! Energy!]. [I couldn't possibly demo this to even come close.]

Music & Lyrics here... and below

Here I suggest a cool down number before another uptempo. Storyline is yet to finalize, with suggestions herein.

Filz the Night Sky

A bright, colorful scene continues to enthrall and engage the audience even more deeply. Ships of Great Light fill the sparkling night sky. And dayLight sky! Great ships send out their message in a hip, sophisticated 'Technology of Love in the Language of Light' rhythmic code. But only for those who know. Listen. Do you understand their message? What are they saying to YOU? {Note: This energetic EDM enjoys IN Top Ten status at Broadjam! Its ending lends itself to the awakening scene below.]

Fade/Outro of the above song fits perfectly for the new Scene: IESHEA now in a lovely bedroom, shoots bolt upright in bed with a wide~eyed start. Shock more accurately. Gasping for air, SHE looks around, disoriented and confused. Suddenly SHE realizes... and hangs her head in despair and anguish at her living reality. A 6 a.m. alarm rings to her slamming it off. "No! It's not a dream!" It wasn't a dream. A stellar Broadway production brings us full circle to the big finale as you'll see below. Scene changes with simple lighting effects as IESHEA readies for the day. ENTER, PARTNER, scene, cast and dialogue set a long~time, thwarting relationship, endearing our lead, IESHEA, to the audience. We may need another song here allowing enough time to logically maneuver to the climactic scene via this moving, oh~so Broadway work below.

In Being Who I Am

IESHEA'S partner and other unrelenting, insurmountable issues have disabled her from getting the job done... in spades. Turning away to finally fulfill her mission remembered again in the opening dream scene, IESHEA sings him this climactic Broadway work as her Light expands to fill the theatre and beyond. Knowing she's truly the only one left on Earth who can fulfill this mission, in hearts and diamonds... she intends... with every last ounce of life SHE has left.

[Note: A bit of drama here for story's sake. However, we want keep the overall work harmonious... a 'feel good' production about StarKid activation, awakening, and discovery, rather than belaboring the pro/antagonist elements. Real-time, un-retouched energy demo linked below was performed by Gregor Rice, back in the day, at COSI (children's science center, Toledo, OH) via thermography screen. Real-time weather demo was performed at Sleeping Bear Dunes National LakeShore. These are both activational demos which will activate your abilities as such. See one. Do one. Teach one. [Captions were limited due to fear of being whacked, but these days that issue is less likely with so many Lightworkerz/StarSeedz coming out for The Great Awakening. Protection is always requested when we do any work, and you do the same. Just In: the explanation of the energy demos is finally online at the Foster The Light website!] Audio tracks below: brand new rendition arranged, performed, and mixed by Gregor Rice hot off the tracks 2020 with the instrumental version, vox mix forthcoming. Second track is the heartfelt piano original recorded directly to boombox via Mark Kieswetter during creation, 1983. Next 2 sparkles demos with a pre-mix/master of the highly awarded, both music and production, activational work, Jump It Up!, also via Gregor Rice, and from The Stories of Tarajories, Walk! re: 7 FireWalks to the credit of Gregor Rice as well. So, this song being especially close to my heart... pun intended...

Oh, oh. Now SHE'S gotta do it. Yikes! Oh, oh... Uh, uh... Cast and dialogue segway to IESHEA'S petition to The Light for strength, clarity, direction, courage... and unprecedented favor and protection... never to be put asunder again. Suggestion: Prerecorded cameos of THE DIVINE presented via small screen in upper corner of stage by Shirley MacLaine. Could possibly have different lines played in different performances but, open to interpretation, more creativity will be 'downloaded' later.

Lift Me Up

Having become too burdened by the dailies, constant trashing, and having to choose between her beloved and her mission to get with 'the work,' IESHEA appeals to the heavens from whence SHE came to get the job done. [Note: See 'The Light' link Ibid below for realtime photo of the true Light, petitioned on many occasions and present en vision teachings re: the 'what to do' on Sacred Days when SHE was DanSing, and listening, throughout. Sentient Life linked below tells the tale. Ah, the brightest Lights take the hardest hits, they say, with Quintessential Peace also currently boasting IN Top Ten @ Broadjam.]

Scene: crumpled in the darkness with a single Light on IESHEA, SHE starts her heartfelt petition to The Divine. The Light grows throughout the song filling the entire stage, theatre and audience by the end as cast members and audience shout out their Amens in every language on the planet re: the need for it's long, dramatic [instrumental] grand finale. Script/book dialogue overlay finds actors and audience also shouting out their heartfelt visions of this brand new world of love, light, and laughter... peace and plenty for all. But this is just the beginning!

And as always, the master, Kieswetter, on the original piano version below [recorded on Dad & Mom's boom box [thank you!] during creation] and the 2020 full orchestration premix/demo via Gregor Rice with a Bruce Sugar mix in process 2021 herein premix 4 with Deb Thomas on vocals. Interactive/Experiential: Shout out your visions of the new world over the finale [that would be at the end after Deb sings 'Love' then the next several measures open to accommodate our brand new world. Your Script: "I see a world... [then fill in your visions of the new world. Speak the word!].

We'll Never See The Light

Dialog brings us to ISEHEA aka SHE, rightly inspired and duly set to accomplish her mission. With the heavy load before her SHE pensively sings while the Kidz look on. One asks how we all might get with the program and tune in to see The Light during the instrumental interlude and SHE ends the song with the answer: Give your heart away. Fully produced recording via Kieswetter~Rice, vocals via Heidi Lange.

StarKid ThemeSong

IESHEA gets on with 'the work' calling the Children of the RainbowStar... and finding them in droves! STARKIDZ! [Note: See full page article by Sally and Joe Valongo, in Toledo Blade, Spring of 1988, thereabouts, i.e. Shabbethai, calling the Children and they came, and returned, and petitioned thereafter... Debbie and Brandy photo, (they came back 3 times!). 2nd star: an almost readable scan of a fan letter from another hopeful, one of many, with many invitations from fans and teachers to visit schools, et al. 3 is a 'placeholder' StarKamp! page to remind me what I was going to do... not updated in years, needs a complete update to be understandable. I'm Dansing as fast as I can here... interactive virtual reality ASAP (funding). The original start on the former StarKid website was put asunder by Verizon but can be accessed via The Wayback Machine: www.geocities.com/sric2/CollegePark/Library/9213, or at least it was...]

Surrender Your Heart

STARKIDZ relentlessly query their TEACHER for the secret to locating, accessing, and developing their abilities. SHE replies with the one and only secret...

Another Gregor Rice gem, sample 1, played by Mark Kieswetter back in the day direct to boom box in Studio L, featuring those important sus-notes on keys is first up. A simple, sweet!, LogicX demo hot of the RiceSound tracks 2020, with a clear melody line and important sus-chords hidden in strings with a dramatic turnaround waiting in the wings at the chord change/modulation on last verse, or maybe as is, so sweet, sparkles 2.


IESHEA demonstrates and instructs STARKIDZ on how to locate, access, and develop their abilities. See One, Do One, Teach One. Jump It Up! mostly in and occasionally out of IN Top Ten @ Broadjam, also honorary Top Ten plus Top Ten Production! Way!


STARKIDZ emulate their teacher, discovering the wonder of their fledgling abilities en demonstration to this magical Harry Potter-ish tune... only this is the real deal! [currently (2-3-18) in IN Top Ten at Broadjam with 3 other hits including Jump It Up! herein AND 3-14-18 hits the Classical/Contemporary Top Ten Charts for simultaneous Top Ten accolades as well!]

Getcha Goin'

IESHEA "got 'em goin'" alright. Now, it's their turn. See STARKIDZ DanSing at the speed of Light! Singing and Dansing, that is, as they awaken, activate, and instruct their underclassworts in 'the work' addressing their Light, 'circuitry' and other Light enhancing assets [to be available interactively on the virtual reality StarKamp! website].

Foster The Light

Presented by StarKidz in full orchestral and choral array. The secret to 'the work' is hidden in this sweet little tune. mp3 play, lead~lyric sheets are at this placeholder webpage in wait of funding for the full elementary range virtual reality platform. Links on the FTL page to go other sites as an example of the work to be done here, including real~time coordinated global concerts, etc. The gist remains... This will be a good place for special effects showing points, circuitry, chakras, electrical system, auras, energy bodies, polarities, clearing, balancing, etc., i.e. Master Steven Co's youtubers on same below. However, these special effects will also be shown interspersed as appropriate throughout the production.


A bit more 'story line' so we're all copacetic with actually having one. HER mission accomplished, pretty much, more or less, kinda sorta, IESHEA longs to return home. Below find the original piano master played by Mark, the 2020 guitar version with full orchestration upcoming by Gregor, and lyric sheet. [Ibid on the link to The Light photo and its accompanying song, The Evening Danse, music: Mark Kieswetter, with 12 more tracks ala Gregor Rice vocals.]


And as the Universe would have it, the SWAT TEAM swoops in to bolster IE'SHE'A... just... in the nick of time. 'Incoming!' Enhanced visuals ala Visionary Photography, The Light, linked throughout this page, Danse in the daylight sky. [Yes, 'They' were REALLY there!]. SHE beams up for a welcome respite from Earth life which SHE discusses briefly with her Planetary Transition Team Mate enjoying ship life. They both look down upon the beautiful planet with back and forth scenes looking down at the mess humans have made of it. Captain Alaelae, sings: HumanKind, either entirely or just a verse or two, optional. Pre-,mix/master via youtube 2020 lyric video. Free visuals via Pixabay, thank you, to be duly noted if used in production. Speaking of which, the mask-on-earth and related images DO NOT belong in the production. I saw this in pixabay and was inspired to include it for the lyric video. It has nothing to do with this stellar production whatsoever. Lyric sheet.pdf also liked below.

Time to Wake Up

Back to 'the work,' IESHEA and her BROOD go about waking up more STARKIDZ all over the world like Lighting candles one from the other. This song becomes the Anthem of StarKid Heaven. Though the song requires an updated arrangement, its sentiment truly applies to our global society at this point in time. Actually, it was already way past time when this song was written.

One In A Million

The youtube of this beautiful, heartfelt song actually went into another shorter work, a pilot to the Wisely and Seagirl series that isn't going to get finished in time, unless the Kidz take it over, of course. It's too beautiful to leave sit, so let's see if we can work it in here somewhere. Nix the yada yada on the beginning credits, and enjoy the sentiment, so fitting, ending with the Dawn of a Brand New Day as all my work presents: The Great Awakening. The Shift. Music: Mark Kieswetter, Lyrics: Gregor Rice


IESHEA encourages her growing brood with cast, dialogue and action in tow. {Note: The piano recording at the actual time of writing is included for the magic and mastery of it. Does it not Fly? Accolades to the Master Kieswetter on keys... and the Master Rice's inspired melody and message with our favorite songstress, Lori LeFevre~Johnson interpreting a finished version below which has enjoyed high~end awards and final round for placement in film.]

The Visions of My Heart

Seeing visuals of all good things is imperative. In demonstration of peaceful, abundant life delivered by several cast members, each offering their heart's desire shown onscreen and stage, move the story forward as the audience grows forever closer with heart chakras opening a little wider in the flow.

Love in the Making

What's it all about, Ishi? Could it be Love? This highly awarded, dynamic powerhouse culminates the reason for, the Source of 'the work' in its climactic refrain. STARKIDZ are so energized by it, heart chakras beaming and pulsating at full throttle, they segway right into their Danse demonstration below. Time to Spin! Jump It Up!

Jump It Up!

More DanSing demonstrating maturing abilities. [Note: This hit song has been in and out of Top Ten at Broadjam since upload 2 years ago. Back in again 1/31/18 with 3 other RiceSoundz Top Ten hits, it earned the coveted honorary Top Ten of all time award and was also awarded Top Ten Production! Salut RiceSound Studio! Kidz can't stop jumping up and DanSing to it! It's also the highly awarded audio track to IESHEA'S un~retouched real~time energy and weather demonstration visuals in the World Peace Day trailer @ youtube and the explanation by Dan Winter including his youtube on et al, also linked below.]

Put 'em in the Right State of Mind

Settling back down just a bit, cast delivers dialogue encapsulating the big realization. Getting the big picture, this humorous ask and answer hit offered by various characters and chorus reveals et al to an inquiring global society. Inspired by the Paulding, OH Crop Circle with recent youtube on it linked below. Plasma balls? Ha! TIME TO SPIN!!!!!!! [Note: And was I wide~eyed~thrilled to see the 2 Kidz 'Spinning' in the circle at the end of the youtube I just ran across 2/18! Spinning is one of the major exercises to develop 'abilities' a given by The Light on many occasions! True! Old and cold notes to prove are smoldering, ready to burst into flame! Apparently it was truly The Light I was listening to after all. Teaching with humor!? I laughed by fanny off on those days, and the info is still as good as gold. And that is another story. Viewing it again, I'm heartbroken that I didn't go down to see it not 1/2 hour from here. Some jerk told me it was a hoax and they cut all the wheat down to keep people from coming. 8-( And revisiting 2020, another note of import: I was quite concerned to see the little girls, or anyone, playing in the field likely sprayed with toxic chemicals, but inquiry as to the fact has yet to intrude. Learning about our toxic world and how to fix it is a facet of StarKamp! follow-up support web platform.]

The Power of One

Dynamic, mysterious. IESHEA demonstrates and offers other examples of The Power of One person in the world. STARKIDZ join in. IESHEA encourages each one, one by one, to go forth with each's own shade and facet of 'the work.' [Note: The link below offers a semblance of teachings in my 'placeholder notes in wait of the real deal' punctuated with TankMan: the stand of all stands. Salut. 2/18 I'm seeing more evidence of others coming forth since starting this page... everywhere... on TV, around town... it's unbelievably out of this world! There's a major energy going on here and I do hope the right people can get on board to forward this multi~faceted work.]

Up to Now

STARKIDZ inquire. IESHEA recounts... another redo on arrangement, etc.

You've Got to Have a Dream

[Pre~mix way in process below ~ pulled out too clash-y atonal notes in the sakahachi flute counterpoint, yet they keep jumping back in on the bounce to mp3 ~ that can't happen ~ but stuff like that happens here! Working on it so, look for the new upload ASAP ~ These recordings are mainly demos, so... ~ lyrics in process on a few ~ lead sheets available on all.]

The big finale. The final bow. Dramatic, dynamic, powerful. Coming full circle from our opening scene, it lifts the activated audience to the next level for their newly inspired journey onward and upward. It leaves the audience with heart chakras wide open. Inspired. Joyful. Complete. And ready for action.


Alternate Musical Options List in Process with More to Come

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This beautiful, magical Sacred Site setting could be used for multi~media visuals via professional camera crews. In truth, it all happened here... so, why not!

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