~ The Template ~

~ The point of this work is to awaken, activate, and orient you Kidz, by whatever name you care to be called, and give you a platform to express that, practice, and let the world know who you are and what you're going to do here, and pass it on. Simultaneously, by doing so, your presentations and work thereafter causes a global shift in consciousness. You create the new world to be a safe, enjoyable planet on which all can thrive and do more of the same. It's a phase in of the aforementioned, and a phase out of the old, 'doesn't-really-work-for-anyone' global structure. Presenting your new views, possibilities, and wonders herein makes it so. It's BY very sensitive empaths, FOR very sensitive empaths, so phasing in and out as noted is important, noted elsewhere, as well. Nothing harsh, frightening, or violent, but everything hilariously funny, astounding, and uplifting via this never-ending awakening spiral. And don't forget. It's a little bit circus and a lot of laughs.

The Template lists major and minor elements. As of 12-9-19, they are NOT in any particular order, yet. I'll organize and list in order of logical importance ASAP. Suffice for now for anyone taking a peek, and welcome... chime in with html, etc., any time. The major elements are expected to be placed somewhere in the production. The minor elements are optional. Be as creative as you can be weaving them in. You might consider dream scenes or vision teachings of you in classroom scenes up in the ships or another planet in your 'schools' learning the elements listed below, or even something treater I can't think of but you can... ?!? Your live demonstrations according to your abilities will be written in, by you, for you to perform either live or multimedia. This is where you Show 'em Who You Are! Strut Your Stuff! Fill the world with all your NEW plays, music/lyrics, films, documentaries, stories, books, games, sports, activities, attitudes, mindsets, and BEHAVIORS... remember to demonstrate appropriate behavior... this is the NEW world. The current insanity is now OBSOLETE. Create The Shift into a brand new, peaceful, healthy, abundant world for all. Live Long & Prosper!

To cause the global Shift to actually happen, you'll need to create a new paradigm. As such, mention of MOLD-Shattering production at the fore. So, whatever script formats are current and requires elsewhere is the last thing you'll want to do here. You can't shift the paradigm by staying in the same box. So, formats, fonts, tedious spacing or your script is thrown out... NOT. Elitist... well I'll leave it at that. Your script/play has to be engaging and enthralling, guaranteed pretty much, yet outside the box enough to get the result. Everything is a phase in and a phase out. You'll learn how to 'erase & replace' in the follow-hp website you'll create by yourselves for yourselves. Remember, nothing sudden, startling, or inappropriate. Phase your scenes & sounds. You can get more of the elements below in if you just have them shown in the background or, other creative visuals in your scene. Again, be creative. You can still create an interesting enough storyline and incorporate all the important elements to create the resulting global Shift AND still get stellar reviews!

Elements: can be in various orders in your productions.


Cymatic Demo Update Thanks to Nigel John Stanford: SCREAMIN' Light, Sound, & Circuitry!

[We don't have to be that extreme, but you get the picture!]

[My original research found Dr. Peter Guy Manners back in the day so check him out, too.]

The Interactive Light & Sound Energy/Light/Love Demonstration ala Dansin' at the Speed of Light, to be fully noted/described once this gets under contract, or et al.

LightBody/Aura Demonstration ala GDV, Kirlian, Thermography, or home made venue. We're all Light in different containers. Just show it! The following demonstrations were performed at COSI, Children's Science Center, Toledo, OH, and Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore via yours truly.

Warning: Your Abilities Will Be Activated If You Watch The Following Demonstration!

This is NOT a Drill. Repeat. Not a Drill.

DanSing Demo: the Danse. Energy work. Magical blend of Tai Chi/Chi Gong & Ballet, more or less. Further explanation on the 'how to' will be on it's own page. Establish your grid where ever you are in your space, and go 4 it! Add a touch of spin. The demo below is via Thermography screen at COSI, Toledo, OH. [This should be at the TOP!] What you see here is first, bio-energy, working with the body's physical and layered energetics. Next moving out to planetary energies, the grid, ley lines, atmospheric, etc. Then on to the Cosmos, engaging those Divine energies, bringing back 360* and all good things to use to create your brand new world. These 2 demonstrations show bio-energetics behind a thermography screen and how that is applied to atmospheric conditions, in other words, the weather. Practice. Practice. Practice. Just like I did. Then you can do it, too. I don't recall the presenter of the thermography booth at COSI but the screen was there in the early 2000's, so maybe someone can research that and find it to use in these productions.

Circuitry Demonstration

The 'How To' is coming soon. Use this cool toy to learn & demo.

Follow Up with an Unswitching Demo to Show Corrections of Switched Circuitry & Plarities.

Cross Crawl/Cross Patterning for unswitching & brain optimization, demo: Darcy Lewis.

Spinning is important! I was inspired to spin a lot back in the day, then found out why afterward. Be sure you're grounded if you practice this. So it SLOWLY. It works just as well. There is much research on the spiritual benefits. Bring it!

Sacred Sufi Spinning: Take it seriously. Ground youself and be careful not to fall. SLOWLY, please!

Chemistry = State = Behavior: You might want to weave in a bit about what's acceptable int he new society, and what is NOT.

Caveat: These productions are not about religion. There is no conflict. Whatever religion you are, or are not, is fine. Bring it with you. Honor all others. Focus on the theme of the production. It's all good. All is well. ~ In fact! I just happen to have your next blockbuster production ready to go as soon as I can get to the html. Spirit! A spiritual journey around the world celebrating all religions, all cultures, and all the great goodies each has to offer!

Now Playing: In Being Who I Am, music & lyrics by Gregor Rice, performed by Mark Kieswetter


Warning: Your Abilities Will Be Activated If You Watch This Demonstration!