Location is King: Enjoying rare acres of gated seclusion, our unique, expansive, private estate crowns the headwaters of Clear Lake's prestigious Gold Coast offering best of both worlds. Our beautiful emerald lagoon offers direct access to bustling Clear Lake, deemed the Riviera of the Midwest, from our pristine, serene, secluded Lake Anne. But that's not all.

Tarajories, our adopted name, is said to be a Potawatomi Indian word meaning 'hill of health.' Historical documents purchased with the property, 1976, includes mention confirming conversations with former owners, and later, local historians. Our experienced opinion has found our specific location to be a power spot of high energy. We honor it as such. So, it has responded in kind, revealing its energy, love, and light pictured in this photo.

The crest of the hill above Lake Anne's southern banks is where this legend lies. Our high-energy property with plushly forested, Findhorn-like gardens is on the west bank across our emerald lagoon. It is radiant with healing energy and has brought us through serious injuries, as it has the former owners according to his story in the coveted documents. Stories abound. We feel the lights in this photo confirm our experience.

There's more: Our adjacent neighbor, the late Dr. Catherine Merrill, marine biologist, won a Nobel Prize nomination for her doctoral thesis documenting a rare microbe she discovered in Lake Anne. Our Living Light page expounds on our pristine water with past test results linked, including ideas for possible marketing. Recently discovered, Hugh Newman's book, Earth Grids, also seems to confirm our experience, reporting references to anomalies and events we've enjoyed.

This 35mm slide transparency was taken at approximately 18:35:00 March 30, 1988 US EST from our front dock by co-owner Suzanne Rice. As the original prose accompanying the photo in 'The Stories of Tarajories' section of our website reports, 'It was a Sacred Day and I was Dancing.' 'The Dance' being rather an advanced Tai Chi and toning flowing to Sacred Music. One works with the grid and healing energies this way. It allows for the climb up into higher celestial dimensions. Engaged in this work, she has been graced with invitations to divine anomalies many times as conveyed in the stories. As such, every day is a Sacred Day here for us. You can learn how to do it, too. If you just listen.

The right half of this photo shows several luminous spheres with rays extending from each. Relaxing more deeply into the images, one may discover layer after layer of ever-presenting luminosities. The photo was examined by astrophysics professors of a prominent MI university. They were excited to discover these lights were actually their own light source, not reflections or ice crystals. Further inspection by Dr. Bruce Maccabee, a prominent former military photo analyst now in the UFO field, also found the same. Our intuitive visitors have sensed them to be angelic in nature as have we. Very good Mojo! Owner's meditation with them has found leading-edge information in a variety of fields. Will you pitch your listening into the greater ranges to learn what's there for you? We hope so. It would be a shame to let the gifts this special power spot has to offer to the new owners to be forever lost and forgotten. We hope to find someone who will avail themselves of all this Good Mojo.

These light spheres have also been sensed, heard, and felt by many people visiting the property. Their sound ranges from an air-seering peal to a softly compact rush of air depending on speed. Yet nothing can be seen with the naked eye except their apparent direction seen through rustling leaves. We have observed this playful phenomena several times over the past 42 years. Their size is estimated to be approximately a 24-30 foot radius. A resonance of love can be felt radiating from these light spheres accompanying the 'energy-as-information' they have to offer... to those who know... and listen... ...and learn. Is Tarajories calling you? We have also actually seen smaller lights and other thrilling phenomena on the property. What wonders await you here?

We hope to interest a special party who senses its invitation and will honor and keep the legend alive... one who would enjoy playing with the lights and healing energies... and who will love and protect our beloved forest, our trees, who have loved and protected us for so long now. However, it may not be required for purchase.

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