We open with our beautiful swans homing on pristine, semi-private, mystical Lake Anne again this year, enjoying the fruits of our lagoon. All photos below show growth to 2024 constrasing the 2017 rhody video and other videos and photos from former 'on markets.' Again, 'shakin' in our boots,' as you can imagine, if potentials promise to love and protect et al, and certainly not cut down any trees, save safety trimming, then we shall allow.

Ah, but! For the mystery and intrigue that await you here as well, see: The Stories of Tarajories, linked to the main page with other unbelievably true and amazing demonstrations also linked therein. You can do it, 2 ! You'll stand in awe at the experiences that await you here as do we.

Swan in Lagoon

Shown here, the 'island' inside the driveway oval also thickly populated with our precious rhodys befriended by several pines and dogwood found in our forest during our honeymoon, planted amongst established trees, 1976 prior to several years of rhody plantings... soon to be 50 years! Only one former owner, the original developer of the area who kept the primo prestigious Clear Lake property for himself, as did we.

Rhody Island early bloom

Master Arborist, Evan R. Rice, District Manager, Davey Tree Expert Company and Owner/Operator, Rice Tree Service rides his new scooter to and fro the mailbox offering a perspective shot re: the size and number of rhodys north of the main manor across from the gentleman's quarters on the 'island.'

Driveway-Island Perspective

Our back door receives all with pomp and circumstance in a constant flowering array.

Back Door gardens early 2024

The aft main manor enjoys an array of various volunteers and plantings. Our a/c unit was moved to the south side with the new install so a rather empty area still awaits our creativity or yours.

Back of Main Manor bloom 2024

Enjoy the rhody overlook of precious Lake Anne from our house-of-illusion dining garden bringing our forest and family of flora fauna en surround via floor to ceiling mirror wall pictured elsewhere.

Lake Anne overlook from Crystal Corner

Closing shots find the entire swan family July 2024 enjoying more fruits of mystical, magical Lake Anne with her legendary healing water. And so it is and ever shall be, 'for those who know.'

Swan family July 2024

The Owners guarantee all information to be as accurate as humanly possible, with all photos totally unretouched or edited in any way. *Song: The Evening Danse ~ Multi Top Ten Award Winner from The StarKid Project by Kieswetter~Rice. Sparkling star returns to main page with commentary recently slanted for 'those who know.' Heartfelt.

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