The Sanctity of All Sentient Life

I sat slumped over the glistening crystal table in our glorious, illusionary dining garden... sobbing... from the depths.

Shock, terror, gut-wrenching heartbreak... total disbelief. Bewildered agony. "Nooooooo! Not again!" Anguished profainty burst from the body's slam into the final 'end organ failure' stages from another belligerent, totally avoidable chemical injury, finally resulting in kidney and congestive heart failure this time. There's no way this body could survive another hit, especially one this severe. Yet, 2 years plus at this writing 2018, she did... again... by the constant attendance of beloved Tarajories and Her Divine Angels.

Lost in the reverie of grief, I was vaguely startled with the presence of a soft touch on the back of my shoulder... a tender, comforting touch. Muddled surprise raised me, slowly turning in my seat to see who it was, since no one was there when I sat down. Peering through the tears, She stood... radiant in all Her glory, our usually-branches-raised-to-the-sky 7 ft. fig tree, long time friend and family member, extending a bough bent low offering a consoling branch with a few of Her majestic Findhorn-like 15 inch leaves on my shoulder... a comfort that surpassed any human genre.

The nature of my disbelief suddenly changed... taking on a whole new dimension. Time stood still with a gasp held agape. We dwelt in Divine communion, souls melting in a mystical moment of the truest of love's compassion... in the sanctity of all sentient life.

My only true friends through a long, dark night of the soul we all traverse at some point in our journey through lives untold... yet demonstrations these episodes were, of healing from death and back, near death, and the fringes revisited so many times... learning from experience how to heal without the encumberment of the traditional medical community, fortunately shunned by all for the nature of the injuries not a popular ill with corporate and government bedfellows in control.

Given the finest treatment in lieu, in retrospect, coming back, again and again, with Tarajories Herself... and 'Friends' in constant attendance, providing the Healing Grace of the real world, adding naturopathic remedy, energy work, spiritual disciplines, firewalks and such I'd previously employed... my best medicine... through the worst of it during the initial injuries 1993... healed right here on the Danse floor... the MAX~Q... in the fire... adding hands-on therapy later from another true healer after compounding same with what I was told much later was 'worse than a broken neck'... and later herbs and homeopathics from a master of the work ...all with Tarajories and Friends in concert... and that's another story... actually, this work references at least 3 stories... possibly more. Can you find them in the mix?

You've already found this... just another demonstration given the healing nature of this Legendary Sacred Site and Grid Node... with similar stories of original and former incumbants referenced in the highly coveted documents we purchased with the property in 1976... truly Sacred... truly Divine... truly alive and sentient should one care to... listen... and learn.

And so it goes... such are the unbelievably true and amazing... mystical, magical... Stories of Tarajories... Legendary Sacred Site and Grid Node... But only... and ONLY... for those who know.

Stunning, illusory dining garden featuring wrap-around spring greenery adorned in a lifetime of endless, profuse rhododendrons, shows the crystal table with its ever-present acrylic fire sculpture commemorating 7 firewalks, in it up over my ankles last time... and still not burned... but that's another story...

Photo above shows barely a frond of our beloved fig tree playfully peeking around the upper left corner. Notice the distance between the apparent potted trunks and the chair.

A record-breaking cold winter 2018 all over the US with IN no exception, our first that we can remember in our elder years. Toasty warm inside, find our beloved, majestic Fig Tree in its usual, leaves-to-the-sky pose. Imagine the reach to the chair at the crystal table.

*[Note: Straying from story, as per rule again, no apologies or compensation have been offered for said injuries, though Canada and other countries officially recognize chemical injury as a bona fide issue and attend it appropriately as the serious condition it is in both medical and legal domains. See: Chemical Injury Information Network, to spare yourself before and not after the fact like millions of us who have gone before and treated thusly, not this once, but time and again. There are now clinics that address the issue within driving distance should one care to supplement the healing energies of Tarajories. The point of including this information is to reveal the Divine nature of this property and Her nurturance to those who honor and accept Her healing energies, and to inform and avail the new owners of what miracles await them here.]

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