Jump It Up!

Note: This hit song has been in and out of IN Top Ten at Broadjam since upload 2 years ago. Back in again 1/31/18 with 3 other RiceSoundz Top Ten hits, it earned the coveted honorary Top Ten of all time award and was also awarded Top Ten Production! Salut RiceSound Studio! Kidz can't stop jumping up and DanSing to it! It's also the highly awarded audio track to IESHEA'S un~retouched real~time energy and weather demonstration visuals in the World Peace Day trailer @ youtube linked here and above, a couple times, because it's that astounding. Time to Spin!

StarKid ThemeSong

IESHEA gets on with 'the work' calling the Children of the RainbowStar... and finding them in droves! STARKIDZ! Could be worked into the script somehow to activate more Kidz via this venue. [Note: See full page article by Sally and Joe Valongo, in Toledo Blade, Spring of 1988, thereabouts, i.e. Shabbethai, calling the Children and they came, and returned, and petitioned thereafter... Debbie and Brandy photo, (they came back 3 times!). 2nd star: an almost readable scan of a fan letter from another hopeful, one of many, with many invitations from fans and teachers to visit schools, et al, isn't loading properly. 3 is a 'placeholder' StarKamp! page to remind me what I was going to do... not updated in years, needs a complete update to be understandable, THEN it gets a complete revamp into the activational interactive platform which means funding, still in wait. I'm Dansing as fast as I can here... between the blasting... The original start on the former StarKid website was put asunder by Verizon but can be accessed via The Wayback Machine: www.geocities.com/sric2/CollegePark/Library/9213, or at least it was... tools and talent still in need.]


A sweet, mystical little piece... [currently (2-3-18 and again 3-7-18) in IN Top Ten at Broadjam with 3 other hits including Jump It Up! herein AND again 3-14-18 adding a Second Top Ten category ala Classical/contemporary!]

The Power of One

Dynamic, mysterious. Inspired by TankMan. Link to The Power of One teaching page~in~process, in wait of funding for the real deal, with StarSeed Hybrid demos and TankMan photo below.

The Vault