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Working title: Bluzae Brotherzae Meet Men In Black

The sonic homogenization of our beloved boyzae... & girlzae! Action! In-process pre-mix smokin' hot off the trackzae.

Theme from Black & Bluzae

My FAV! Gripping. Haunting. Scintillating. Cool. Engages the audience for the space to come. Plays at critical junctures in the film and outro as audience leaves the theatre mystified and awakened as credits roll.

[Note: Location shoot: Bluzae Gentry. Photos below were taken from the front dock at Bluzae Gentry with encapsulations from the unbelievably true and amazing compilation, 'The Stories of Tarajories,' Sacred Site and Grid Node, otherwise, Bluzae Gentry, location shoot. 'The Light,' daylight photo, is a real-time demonstration in being attuned to the Divine, 'pitching one's listening' into the greater ranges with highly developed extended range perception, and as proof of 'Incoming!,' for those who missed it. Talk about a Mission from God! Doubles as visual suggestions i.e. 'Ships of Great Light... Great Ships,' for art and lighting directors' orientation. This photographer/screenwriter will continue to listen for the remainder of this script, given the OK2GO. 2nd link goes to another UFO shot from Bluzae Gentry's front dock after dark. Cost effective film with simple but enthralling multi~media lighting illusions and experiential effects throughout. This, truly quintessential package inspires the team with new life. The Stories of Tarajories also require Dan's hosting/narration. See Bluzae Gentry, loaded, link 3 immediately below.]

Psci vs Psci Phi

ACT I Scene I: Subtitled: Danz Tune: The Heart of Dan. Beta Kappa Konehead. The encapsulation of a life's extraordinary work and love. A hip tune for the quintessential super sleuth... paranormal, extraterrestrial, interdimensional... It's YOU! It's YOU! The song's essence wafts in via the opening scene and recurs at critical points in the film featuring Agent E in action.

Engaging action enthralls then opening credits roll.


ENTER: THE AETHERIALZAE... those who have gone before, TBA. Clearance is required on all first, but for the gist: first up, John Lennon. We'd love to see John Beluchi, John Candy, Neilsson, George Harrison, Billy Preston, et al, hopefuls, via lifelike iClone cost effective but professional 3D animation, or better. This 14-page spec script rocks! The remainder of the script will be channeled directly from the aethereals who will tell us what they want to do and say as soon as this package is picked up and clearance on participating aetherealzae is secured. Just listen!

AGENT E sinks back into Bluzae Gentry's sophisticated white couch for the reverie finding John sitting alone in a lovely, wild-flowered field in his barefoot whites serenely plucking a glistening sitar's one note mantra. One by one the aethereal and material band chimes in kicking up the tempo with the next hit.

Bop 4 Jon

Kicks bass with THE BANDAE in full awray, cast close-ups matching credits. Energizing participants, this rollercoaster ride readies the audience for some welcome relief via cool down next up.


A little travelin' music. Scene: MIGHTY MAC/AGENT M, pulls into Bluzae Gentry with the lustrous new 'BIL. Scene: Bluzae Gentry ultra hi-end MAX~Q white couch where Agent E reclines. Coming out of his reverie/experience from the above, Agent E demonstrates mastery as he snaps to. Swinging up, tightening and straightening his charcoal black tie, grabs his matching black Bluzae hat on the way up, which he coolly tops off, and ceremoniously positions his B&Bz sunglasses. He stands at full attention, complete with gold-plated Bleuralyzer visible in his breast pocket, all in one fell swoop for the shot. Dialogue ensues. Depart Bluzae Gentry for The Club in their new, kicked up, loaded BLUZAEMOBILE. Fasten your seatbelt! ENTER: THE CHIP.

Doin' Just Fine

Scene: Agent E grabs The Chip from the player as The 'Bil doors automatically open to their stealth depart, then close as stealthily as the agents walk away. INT. THE CLUB - Day: They storm the doors looking gooood. The Band'z just ending a cool hit. Mighty Mac's big number is up. They jump the stage and slam this quintessential old-but-new original bluzae rock hit featuring Agent E's harmonica solo on the bridge. [Another pass at the mix with everybody wailing, still wonting Mac's steaming vocals replacing this synth lead, lyrics.pdf linked below. Pauly Shaffer will redo et al anyway.]

Marzae Rok

Bluzae Brotherzae Big Band rocks 'The House.' This would have been Will Smith/Agent J on klav scatting some hot licks over top but the MacDonald franchise ha already started the new MIB spinoff, re: the original Bluzae Brotherzae meet Men in Black spec script. However, Will and Tommy Lee are reported to pass this MIB spinoff and may still be available given due clearance, et al. Who goes there now? You decide, or, aetherials will let us know.

AGENT E: (from behind the mixing console with headset donned) Bring the klavs up just a touch, eh?

AGENT X: Yeah, that's it. You got the earz, man. There's still time for a quick tweak, then we gotta go.

AGENT E: Soundz good to me. Has everyone been informed of this mission?

AGENT X: Just the tips. You got The Chip.

AGENT E: Yep. We need to get down there in short order. It's 18:30:00 right now.

AGENT X: I need The Chip... the rest of The Band... Just remember... don't rush it.

Take it nice and easy and we'll all come back together in one piece like we always do.

AGENT E: But THIS time, with the lock on a clear channel from The Other Side.

Scene: Marzae Rok ends its hard-hitting finale as Agent E presents The Chip, holding it up to The Light boldly, flashing one of his famous looks we all love so much, as its glistening iridescent rays beam Agent X and surrounding scene. If they don't get a lock on a clear channel, the entire galaxy is toast, lost forever to evil forces in the universe... and The Boyzae are the ONLY ones who can do it.

AGENT X: Looks like I'll have to buy The White Album again.

Action and dialogue woven over and under this hot piece of action rounds up The Band thereafter exit stage for the back of the room at the mixing console to get their mission instructions from The Chip. Adjusting their hi-tech wireless headsets, they ready for their mind-sync activation. The Chip, brings them all into a coherent, heart-centered Q [resonance/resonant tuning] for the sync into the greater ranges as the console and all The Boyz around it take the audience on a Light & Sound activational descent into Bluzae Central.

Theme from Black & Bluzae

Agent E: Synchronize. (to the ethereal strains of Theme from Black & Bluzae, as The Boyz sync, literally, [the entire console platform with all The Boyz slowly sinks into Bluzae Central] taking the audience on a ride of rides into the depths, and heights, of scintillating Light & Sound splendor. Action and dialogue bring us to...)



The GateKeeper's ThemeSong with link to StarBrydae demonstrating the kind of Danse we're talkin' 'bout featuring Honorary Top Ten hit, Jump It Up! soundtrack also Top Ten Production on the master [this is pre-master]. The GateKeeper meets Agent E and The Boyzae at the door with the interior beaming bright, White Light through the slim opening. The door slowly opens to find The GateKeeper standing in radiant glory, lightning flashing in her aura, feet ablaze, [see: StarKid graphic commemorating 7 FireWalkz and 3 Lightning Hitz, via 2nd sparkling star below BUT wearing a stellar costume, please]. A full-blown StarBrydae of few words offers The Entry Key silently awaiting the eXchange thusly...

THE GATEKEEPER: Anyone can Danse.

AGENT E: That's the law.


Theme from Galaxy 37

Celestial. A fair amount of action and dialogue bring The Boyz to Transfer Station Blue where they begin to HUM the resonant tuning tone for a more coherent transfer to the next transfer point via 'Jumpz' from Gate to Gate to the final Aetherial Domain to lock with The Aethereal Team in wait. Off they go to The Starz... inducting the audience into another enthralling, experiential Light and Sound Activation with each Jump.

AGENT ?: They really are beautiful, aren't they?

Then comes the big sweat. The battle begins as evil forces blast The Boyz out of bliss to stop them from getting to the Aetherial Domain for a clean lock. [Filz the Night Sky also a big Top Ten hit at Broadjam which most of these were or are even though mention may have been forgotten.]

Filz the Night Sky


Blasted almost completely out of phase, The Boyz prevail, regaining their mind-sync and coherent heart Q for the Jump to the next Gate with a little help from their friendz.

Grab My Heart

I/E. THE RADIANT CLEARING - Day. On to the Second Gate. As THE SECOND GATEKEEPER opens the door in pompous, royal-guard red satin uniform, granny glasses, fluffy auburn tresses draping he shoulders, looking a little like John Lennon... we hear just the HORNS staunch intro to, 'All You Need Is Love.' The Entry Key eXchanges. Action and dialogue take The Boyz to Transfer Station Red for the Jump featuring another Light & Sound Activation via Greb My Heart as we all sink into another reverie of bliss.

2nd GATEKEEPER: All You Need Is Love.

AGENT E: Love is all you need.

And that's just the first 10 minutes of this enthralling, mystifying, activating, Oscar-winning blockbuster! The first of 3 planned: Black & Bluzae, Black In Bluzae, and Bluzae In Black, tux and tails among the silver via this solid gold manifold.

Please click/tap the UFO for, who the hell?, and Rainbow Equalizer for more tunzae, as well as About Bluzae Gentry location shoot below.

About Bluzae Gentry Location Shoot

Location! Location! Location! This beautiful, mystical, magical Sacred Site & Grid Node with Legendary Healing Water, tested and reported to be some of the last clean water on Earth, is the real deal, perfect for Bluzae Gentry.

And maybe... someday... with some Crystal Skull over ice... come back to take a look at another Dan Ackroyd project, as host/narrator of The Stories of Tarajories. Please start at the preface for the full gist. 3 of my Favs after The Light, Nocturnal Lights, and Jump It Up!, already linked above, are The Nubbin, The Sanctity of All Sentient Life, and Walk!, commemorating 7 FireWalks favored by 3 Lightning Hitzae+ to date, all unbelievably true and amazing stories, Live! from The Hill! Just click thru the stereo illusion on the preface page linked here for the full table of contents. The Stories of Tarajories has been in wait of transfer gear, tools & talent, and et al, otherwise ready to rock & roll!

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