The Light

You may need to turn up the Light in your monitor to see these Aetheric Light Spheres taken @ approximately 18:35:00 March 30, 1988 RSUT [Relative Synchronized Universal Time]. There are several Luminous Spheres with Rays extending from each, in geometric formation concentrated in the middle third of the photo. Relaxing more deeply into the images, one will discover layer after layer of ever-presenting Luminosities in a photo I sometimzae call Fly-By to the tune of Constance Demby's Novus Magnificut, selection 2, 13:40.

As the story goes; "It was a Sacred Day and I was Dansing..." Nestled in @ the computer @ this point in time, a warm, familiar Energy attracted my full attention with the following telepathic communication: "Grab the camera, run out on the dock, aim @ the moon, and shoot away." Which I did. I saw nothing at the time with my physical eyes save the waxing, gibbous, daylight Virgo moon and the beautiful surrounding earthscape of the Legendary arena. The communication, or Vision Teaching, which continued in the mystical ambiance of this Sacred Day whispered riddles of universal import en presentation of

~ The Light ~

we've all so long been waiting to see. Voila! And, wait no more.

It wasn't until the 35mm transparency film was developed that we discovered The Lightzae who spun their Vision Teachings as they had done on so many occasions.

These Light Spheres have been sensed, heard and/or felt by numerous party living in or visiting the relative arena. Their sound ranges from an air-seering peal to a softly, compact rush thru the air depending on speed, yet nothing can be seen with the naked eye save their direction in evidence of trajectory thru or near rustling leaves when near enough the sourrounding flora. Size is estimated to be in the relative 24-30 foot radius in having observed this phenomenae several times over the past 43 years this 2019. A resonance of love can be felt radiating from these Light Spheres as well as the 'energy-as-information' they have to offer.

Their name, Lappidoth, from the Metaphysical Bible Dictionary, clearly reflects Core Essence from Ancient Texts:

Light Bearerzae

The Full Story

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