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Clean Water: A commodity more valuable than gold these days. Bits and pieces of related and otherwise interesting info follow. You'll be needing your back button or swipe back throughout this site. Yes, we love this place so much and so will you.

Water Test Results are linked via swan icon directly below.

For the official Tarajories Lake Anne water record, September 23, 2009 Hoosier Microbiological Laboratory testing via Mr. Tom Friend of the Steuben County Health Department, test method E.coli-SM9213D, reports: <10 cfu/100 mL. This note attached from Mr. Friend: "Evan, The sample came back with a very good minimum detection level. 235 is the EPA level for recreational water to be considered 'cautions.' Your Lake Anne water report is less than 10 ! This is good!" We reiterate, it's great, given 2015's World Water Day reporting of only something on the order of a shocking but not surprising 0.001 % of all water on the globe being clean enough for consumption. And Lake Anders have taken good care of and even actively protected our precious commodity to date. 2017 clean water update in the Indiana Sierran, volume xxxix, number 2, summer 2017, finds northern Indiana lakes to be the cleanest in the state. See World Water Day links below for the actual numbers on the world water situation.

The local story: Firstly, in case you missed it elsewhere, Tarajories is a Potowatami Indian word meaning Hill of Health. We no longer own 'The Hill' itself, lost in a bad trade, but we still keep the Legend alive with its reference. Our 'location' on the point across from The Hill on the other side of the lagoon is the primo location in this resort lakes arena. It has the most privacy, seclusion and ambiance/energy but still has access to Clear Lake, if one cares to partake. The crystal clear almost-artesian well here at Tarajories as well as the lake water itself is prime in today's clean~water~deprived global market. Back in the day, rare microbial properties of the lake per former research by our neighbor, Lake Anne resident, the late Catherine Merrill, a marine biologist, having won the Nobel Prize nomination for her discovery of a rare microbe here in Lake Anne at Clear Lake. This mysterious, rare microbe was said to exist nowhere else, but we don't know how she could have confirmed that almost 50 years ago without today's technology. So that point may just be hearsay or elaboration on an already great, but very true, story.

We don't make claims, only reiterate what we know. Our copy of her highly~acclaimed thesis is here but at large in our archives and we have been unable to procure another copy from the Nobel offices due to the 50~year rule, certainly up soon. Hence, our work has been stalled.

The Legends: Due to the legends of Tarajories re: Indian ceremonial hill on the south shore now owned by others, and legendary healing waters, we have tried to forward her research from time to time. Stories of ceremonies, powwows, and healings here on the lake and at the crown of the ceremonial hill on the south shore marked by 2 giant oaks and Chief Red Jacket's serpent head burial rock inspire us to press on. We feel, due to the nature of the legends, this rare microbe may be a significant factor in the effectiveness of this healing water as we and prior owners have evidenced.

Equally inspiring is an original cc: letter to his grandson on parched onion skin paper from the original owner, T. P. Riddle, Sr. in our archives reiterating his near~death health issue having been sent home from the hospital to die, or so the doctors informed him. T.P.'s recount of his recovery here at Tarajories only confirms what we've experienced here ourselves, time and time again. Of course, we can't make any claims or guarantees, but this has been our experience, also confirmed by previous incumbents in deep history. We sincerely prefer to pass the torch as such.

Evidence of Steuben County's 'cleaner water' is heralded on the Clear Lake Bulletin Board March 17, 2011 post as follows: Info from your Water Quality Committee: The following has been taken from a report by Greg Biberdorf, IDNR Division of Fish and Wildlife, Nov. 18, 2010 This was a comparison of the economic value of Steuben County Lakes to the economic well being, contrasted with Adams, Whitley, Wabash and DeKalb Counties. Much of the benefit of lakes is intangible; but Steuben County exceeded the other counties by 10-25%. Assessed residential value for Steuben County was average of 54% higher than other counties. This economic value is dependent on their ecological and environmental quality so water quality protection and the protection of lakes from over-development makes economic as well as environmental sense. There is no single feature of lakes which affects people's enjoyment of the resource more than WATER CLARITY.

The following article is from 6-8-06 Organic Consumers Enews reprint of Chicago Tribune, May 28, 2006 archives: PRESSURE TURNED UP IN THE WAR ON WATER toward the bottom of the Tribune page, linked below.


"As municipal water supplies across the U.S. are taken over by corporations, citizens who were once proponents of water privatization are stepping up to the tap to figure out if there's any way to take back control of their water. F Fresh water, a resource that has been considered publicly owned for thousands of years, is now considered "blue gold," and as such, is quickly becoming a privately owned commodity. Some quick facts: - A German company, RWE, now owns the water in over 1,100 U.S. cities. -In Illinois alone, more than one million people now have their local water supply owned by that same German company. -15% of the U.S. business water supply is now privately owned... a figure that has more than tripled in the last decade."

To Learn More about the unlimited value of clean drinking water in today's global market, see the article posted at Organic Consumers Org by clicking the sparkling star herein with the article as noted toward the bottom of this long and informative page.

More on Water: Combining the following technologies will produce not amazing but miraculous results. Review each video to grok the essence on the combination. We begin with Dr. Masaru Emoto, Japan, has become globally renown for his extraordinary work with water affording us an additional concrete avenue of evidence re: the proposed additional properties of this wondrous Tarajories water, as does a GDV research unit re: Dr. Constantin Korotkov, Russia

YouTube: Research From Dr. Masaru Emoto, says that human thoughts are directed at water before it is frozen, images of the resulting water crystals will be beautiful or ugly depending upon whether the thoughts were positive or negative. Emoto claims this can be achieved through prayer, music or by attaching written words to a container of water. Since 1999 Emoto has published several volumes of a work titled Messages from Water, which contains photographs of water crystals next to essays and "words of intent".

YouTube: Research From Dr. Masaru Emoto, Water Crystals

YouTube: Research From Dr. Masaru Emoto, Interview & Experiment with Rice~Water

YouTube: Research From Dr. Masaru Emoto, Experiments with Water

YouTube: Research From Dr. Masaru Emoto, Water Crystal Relaxation Healing Music Played to Water

More Quantum Physics from Dr. Gregg Braden

And More Quantum Physics from Dr. Bruce Lipton

What the Bleep Do We Know

Peter Champoux's 'Gaia Matrix' finds Tarajories in the south edge of a Sacred Circle

Peter Champoux's Website

One Love ~ Fountain International on YouTube

YouTube: Cymatics ~ Bringing Matter to Life with Sound Pt 1

YouTube: Amazing Liquid via Farraday Waves, Similar to Cymatics Research.

As Salut & Support to John ~ YouTube: John Kansas Radio Frequency Generator Waves & Salt Water

World Water Day Video Link

World Water Week YouTube from sponsored by Stephen Dinan of The Shift Network

Another option we considered over the years: A private or public, state~of~the~art alternative~integrative health spa is also an option with all appointments for The MAX~Q Light & Sound Therapy System already either installed or hardwired in and around the Main Manor in wait. The Gentlemen's Quarters, aquatic MAX~Q is complete with results far surpassing our expectations with a complete change in consciousness at first use of it's 16 color on remote LED overhead lighting in the extra ample Tarajories water-filled soaking tub. Modifications re: small batch production facility, research facility, additional spa area, et al, are still available throughout the Gentlemen's Quearters. Tarajories' legendary healing waters are in endless supply. The combination lends itself to one of the most effective arenas for private or public refreshment as we have enjoyed almost 40 precious years.

Nothing makes a community even more valuable than a mysterious, private, gated club of any venue. With Tarajories located in the most posh arena at the headwaters of Clear Lake's coveted Gold Coast, an exclusive member's only situation or quiet public spa is sure to thrive in this Crown Jewel in the Emerald Necklace of Clear Lake. Options abound for private, corporate or fractional ownership.

1-260-495-3211 IN EDT USA

This unique property has been on and off market 5 out of 10 years with 4 viable offers, turned down, 2 pending, 1 re: resolution of a trust, and another awaiting interests from abroad. One important caveat is that the new owners will be required to sign a document stating they will not be cutting down any of Tarajories' precious trees, such as we did upon our purchase 40 years ago. If you have stumbled onto this website, consider it a private, personal invitation from the Divine. Only, for those who know.

Evan R. & Suzanne L. Rice

511 East Clear Lake Drive

Fremont, IN 46737

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