~ The Stories of Tarajories ~

~ If You Listen, It Will Teach ~

The following 'Stories' will eventually be accompanied by scans of original, unretouched, unedited 35 mm transparencies and, when the new Apple multimedia cpu set-up is purchased, realtime, unedited video.doc on those which apply. Until then, let the stereoillusion below suffice to ignite your minds eye into the deeper mysteries enabling you to picture a clear albeit evocative scene. Can you discern it's illusion? It's been said, practicing with these stereoillusions will assist in seeing into the deeper realms, though we don't know if that is true. But we do know, these 'Stories' are the absolute truth. Time-dated references will be noted if known. Click on the stereoillusion below to continue with your journey into the 'Stories of Tarajories' where you will find: 'Yellow Violets and Glow Worms,' 'The Nubbin,' 'The Light,' 'Nocturnal Lights,' 'The Tsekoombah,' 'The Crown, Excalibur & The Holy Grail,' 'Floating Luminaries,' 'The Storm,' 'Elphin,' and other mystical, magical, unbelievably true and amazing 'Stories' captioning The Owner's visionary photography, included herein at some point, an offering and inspiration to The New Owners in what awaits you here... for those who know. Until then... Picture This:

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