Unidentified Nocturnal Lights

photo taken from front dock

Another very poor transfer en jpg.2 of a series, number one of which was,

as per rule, mysteriously lost, even in the greatest of care,

shortly after our first review of the 35mm transparencies in this set.

Our certain recall of the missing slide was that of a large, obscurely gibbous bright, white Light

fading to a soft candleglowae @ the relative upper edges much like the Light center photo.

In a 4' X 4' projection of the slide, the relative spherical incoming object translated by angle to

approximately 1/8th of the area

in a magnetically attractive starfieldae before becoming the overhead view above.

The original slide of the above.jpg shows a clear torus donut structure of beams and crossbeams

of an unknown material between and encompassing the concentric lighting as shown.

A silenced rushing of wind was the only sound.

There were no departing photos in the set or subsetae.

And as an aside, we've yet to see any 'aliens' here, but the interest, search and mystery remain.

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