These are the photos of the precious little BeeBird, as I call it. I'll have to delve into my memory for the full 'story,' but for now, suffice the photos. The link goes to information about similar creatures deemed hummingbird moth, though I'd not term it a moth in any respect having enjoyed it closely for some time. I'm not quite sure this is the exact specie in the link information at the moment, so allow the memory to surface. I may try brightening these photos up a bit at some point. If I recall they were taken with a Panasonic digital still/video camcorder which was great at the time but only took 400 pixel still photos. The shade of our cherished canopy of oaks and other beautiful, old trees is also a factor. Just click the photo to see the information, but don't get lost and forget to come back!

The one that got away, sans photo, I recall very clearly was very tiny, tiny, smaller than the one in this photo. It looked me right in the eye, down to my soul. It was ancient. It had a body like a fuzzy bee, and tiny, pointed, solid feathered wings, head, long beak, and tail like an itsy bitsy hummingbird. If I recall, the head had some rosy red or had quite a bit of rosy red on it. There was a lot of white, and some black markings... maybe tiny touches of bright green here and there. It's been too long ago to recall exactly. It was different from the one in these photos, but at the moment, I just can't recall any more about the precious creature or the story of the day for the one who escaped the camera.

However, I did recall the 'story' about the one in the photos. It was another Sacred Day and I was Dansing, which I did almost every morning to start the day. Then, I took to the gardens with the camera to see what wonders Tarajories would share this day. And there it was! Flitting about, enjoying nectar and pollenating the flowers as Nature would have in symbiotic attention, not like humans. I was gifted with the 3 photos of this rare and magical BeeBird. We were rummaging about the profuse, giant rhododendrons when the soft, Floating Luminarae caught our eyes. Our attention went to the Light... and that's another story.

And so it goes... another unbelievably true and amazing episode from The Stories of Tarajories, our beloved power spot we call our Sacred Site and Grid Node... it is sacred to us... and will remain.

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