The Storm

This post inspired by David, eve June 6, 2008, also in wait of tools for transfer of its roll of 35mm slide transparencies from a year TBA upon transfer.

On our evening ride~about Clear Lake tonight, we chance upon David who informed of impending tornadoes headed our way somehow averted... to the south, this time. We hadn't heard. The sky shown, in fact, with that unmistakeably ominous yellow hue with gusting to the point of having split the rotting trunk of a small, elder fruit tree partially blocking our way around the south shore. Here we found the full arc of a brilliant rainbow, one end in seeming ground thru our atrium's pot o' gold in perspective as we pondered where Grace planted its southerly end. He mentioned tornadoes touching down in the Edon area when a flashback of The Storm in question crowded my placid, radiant mind... and heart.

Snaps of two by fours blown thru a garage and SUV parked inside sparing neighbors to the west flashed by. Ski Nautiques and floatboats hurled thru living rooms en mass debris fell to a string of neighbors just doors away. Ancient oaks snapped like toothpicks everywhere in a path headed straight for our door left numerous towering trees lay in wait of the master's clean~up the next several days just outside our gate. Shot after shot evidenced massive destruction on our post~Storm observation round that day.

Yet, returning home in silent shock of the aftermath, we rest upon serene visage with full fuzz still presenting atop our medicinal dandelions in witness of the apparent null zone and other mysterious anomalies in full force of constant protection on our primordial private estate and languid lagoon. We stood in awe... as we have with each Story herein... and remain.


You don't r e a l l y believe this... you?

Now Playing: Message from Michael, another work in progress encapsulating and conveying the continuing Message of Michael Jackson. (c) Gregor Rice, aka Suzy, aka Joules LaHae @ Broadjam. Did you notice the near subliminals? Demonstrating what lies beyond the final curtain... the theme of mystical ambiance beckoning one into the depths of Spirit echoes therein from the funeral procession to the rise into heaven. Pitch your listening. What Messages are you hearing from Michael? Maybe you are getting Pictures instead of Words. Post your Message on social media! This song doesn't really have anything to do with this 'story,' however, it comes in and goes out like a storm so I pasted it in here... because I LIKE IT! Maybe get some vocals over top at some point. ?? What do you think? PS: Don't worry about 'doing the weather' just yet. But be diligent in your Practice. If it's calling you, then go for it. You won't believe it. But if the sky's blue... then shut up! And that's ANOTHER story.

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