~ The Stories of Tarajories ~

~ Yellow Violets & Glow Worms ~

Yellow violets covered the lawn and gardens hill and dale for the first time in our 12 years' tenure during the Harmonic Convergence, August, 1987, n'er before, nor since. Accustomed to the joyful array of lavenders, indigos, deep purples, blues, whites, with variegated and shades therein, the brilliant yellow was a sight to behold, n'er forgotten this day. But evan more mysterious, a host of glow worms never seen on the grounds before this event, also presented during this unusual planetary configuration, and remain, sparkling the lawn and banks in a slow phase of sparkling Light Spring through frost each year. They will continue to thrive if unharmed by deadly pesticides or other disruption, sharing their magic with those who know. Later, a Mayan legend was found in simile reiterating sparkling lights which fell from a special tree, name of which eludes the author at this writing, also sparkling the grounds of legend to remain for those to explore. It wasn't hallucinations from the 12-day commemorative fast engaged for the purpose of bringing peace and plenty to the planet during this Harmonic Emergence, now in question in Light of the spoils that beset the world since instead, because both the violets and the glow worms were seen by all, none of whom engaged in fast. I also gave up make-up for the concern if anyone cares to know the truth in lieu of gossip of letting one's self go. The glow worms continue to bring their Light for all to see... save the recent few years belligerently murdered by drift from neighbor's poisonous spraying... their intelligence, it's been rumored, they will share should one relax into a heart-centered listening, but the yellow violets another 31 years to this day remain... a mystery.

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