~ The Power of One ~

~ If You Listen, It Will Teach ~

~ you can do it 2 ~ make a difference ~ save the world with your song & danse ~ ~ ~ HERE'S HOW ~ ~ ~ save the world with your song & danse ~ make a difference ~ you can do it 2 ~

Preface: The Danse. Let us insert this preface on what the Danse is and how to engage in it on this and other pages as a Gentle Reminder. This type of Dansing wiht an S, yes, DanSing, representing Dancing and Toning, is not disco. It is a powerful blend of Tai Chi and Ballet, like an Oriental Martial Artz, more or less. It's where one falls into, or relaxes into, the greater ranges, gathers and works with energies and the Grid. Fall away from the daily grind and into the Danse, the Flow. You know you're there when you are no longer doing The Danse but when The Danse Does You. It is engaged for the sole purpose of Balancing, Centering, Focus, Healing, Climb Into and Connection with your Higher Power, whatever that is for you, Communion therein, going about The Work therein from that state, and Practicing this Shift... into what some call, Non-Ordinary Reality, or a Paradigm Shift. Some call it something else. By whatever terminology, the fact remains.

IF you accomplish the Shift from a Whole-Brained, Heart-Centered State, you WILL get the results you intend that you can NOT get from Ordinary Reality. Learn to use. Apply this to the latest disaster, this being the Japan situation... with more in process as I watch the news today. The COSI Demonstration in The Power of One page linked below will convey all the information you need to know about it to make it work Right Now. Then, just practice.

For parents, continue your Journey thru The Stories of Tarjories with its activational Sound & Light linked herein, to kick up your process and practice to catch up with your Kidz. Everyone and Anyone, Apply as much as you can muster as fast as you can to the Japan and resulting Global situation. Play, sing/Tone, and Danse this music and Foster The Light, linked below with its free lead~lyric sheets & midi files, to infuse neutralizing and revitalizing Love and Light into the air, water, soil, the planet, it's flora and fauna, and deep into the source of the radioactive isotopes and radiation from Non-Ordinary Reality and you WILL get your intended result. The more people doing this the faster it will be done. Let the accompanying activational tune, The Power of One on that page be your guide. You Can Do It 2 ! Post your success to social media. Good Luck! Now on to the exercises below!

This section's Practice Session coordinates pitching your listening, envisioning, intuiting... for the honing. Find Visionary Photography of an Energy Management Demonstration presented at COSI, Children's Science Center, Toledo, OH, below. What you are seeing is The Danse in progress. Toning normally accompanies The Danse, but not always. It offers insight into the greater ranges... for those who know. And for those who don't, it will be explained. This page is in process from the StarKamp site that was wiped out, and will be updated with the explanation ASAP as of 4-2-11. Just remember to Alkalize... Neutralize... Antidote.

For now, grok the gist below. Practice. Allow and notice the Pictures that come up for you in the Pitching of your Listening. Notice deep into the layers of sound, the sprinkles and the sprites, the panning... the deeper resonances... The Practice will open, activate, and orient dormant abilities. If you are having trouble, practice with the stereo illusion at the bottom and try again. You will get it if you enjoy patience with yourself. Once your abilities are intact and useful, direct them towards the immediate disaster for a miraculous result that would otherwise be sorely missed. This piece will help you Practice your Telepathy and Intuition... Pitching Your Listening for the telepathic lyrics, et al, and then on to your own special listening, Write down what you hear so your don't forget. Report on social media. This page is a work in progress and will be updated intermittently.

Unretouched Full Bodae Kirlian Photographs

The four Kirlian Photographs taken via Thermography Screen shows the human energy body and accumulated energy around and in the immediate ranges of the camera. The first photo shows a white-hot energy bodae of pure spirit presenting with a cape of spirit, wings, in some cultures called, Eagle Danser, clarified in photo 2, others called wings of angels, and so on. These names arose in ancient times when people were more practiced in their Vision, not to be confused with eyesight. Notice the orbs of good nature. Some people call them angels. Some just call them energy balls. What is your sense of them?

Photo 3 clearly demonstrates advanced energy management cooling the physical body, shown as a beautiful turquoise here, and focusing the heat out at the hands, shown as white hot at the hands with Rainbow Light radiating with the swirling of the hands. Formulating and hurling templates is the next step, here being a triangular wedge. Photo 4 clearly shows an encompassing Torus Donut formulated and hurled up and around the presenter. These have purpose in time. But for now, that is enough to know. The next several photos in this series were WhiteOuts, mistakenly thrown away by the party assembling the slides in our absence. Trust me. It was. That's your goal for now. Practice to WhiteOut! Now that you know what you are looking at, take your time and start again. Practice. More info will be added ASAP, but you will pick up what you need to know from this. The focus of Practice is actually BELOW the photos and helpful links. Post your progress to social media.

Some Helpful Links

More on Water re: the link immediately above, last: Combining the following technologies will produce not amazing but miraculous results. Review each video to grok the essence on the combination. We begin with Dr. Masaru Emoto, Japan, has become globally renown for his extraordinary work with water affording us an additional concrete avenue of evidence re: the proposed additional properties of this wondrous Tarajories water, as does a GDV research unit re: Dr. Constantin Korotkov, Russia


An Exercise in Listening

Utilizing a selection in mp3 format entitled: The Power of One, an offering involving the musical, mathematical, physical, and electrical domains. Originally inspired by 'Tankman' at the square, I must include the photo below in honor of his courage and Light. Where is he now?

Use the mp3 herein to exersize your listening skills. Watch out for a few sheerz of distortion! It works. Attune with the opening tonez.

Listen for the horn parts whose lyric would be:

Oh, The Power. Oh, The Power In You ~ The Power

Oh, The Power. Oh, The Power In You ~ The Power

Where the flutes come in at the long verse:

You'll know your magic by the way it's spun

Don't disbelieve it cause it's never been done

Look deep inside you for the perfect fix

See what you've got there in your bag of tricks

Don't underestimate the power...

Did you hear the horns and the flutes 'talk' to you?

If not, who or what did?

If the horns and the flutes did talk to you, did they say something other than the above on any given round?

If so, write it down. It is important to the survival of your culture.

Phase two: next round, look for the emphasis and crowns made by the synthesized sounds and special effects in this selection. Just notice them alone, one round. Many participants report especially liking the 'squeegy' sounds. Do you 'feel' them? Or, are they 'speaking' to you in words or pictures?

If so, write it down. Or, make a quick sketch or notes of remembrance.

Post it to social media.

Phase three: notice the overall balance of the entire soundtrack one round.

Timing: Where did you notice 'to-the-tick' precision? For help with music instruction and glossary, see:

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~ Music herein, The Power of One, demo by yours truly, webmastre & weaver of tunzae & tailzae, Gregor Rice aka JoulesLaHae @ originally inspired by Tankman in the photo below. Click on Tankman for a blast from the past compliments of YouTube. It seems his friends ushered him to safety. But the fact remains. Thank you, most honorable Tankman! Where are you now?

You should have noticed the emphaseze, crowns, sfx, and 'sprites,' if you will, as well as any given instrumental part, move from one side of your speakers or headphones to the other side, or, 'around the block,' or even overhead. Notice which parts or sounds are centerstage at any given time.

Which sounds, instruments or sections thereof go best with the images in the 4 graphics included in this html? Does the music help to animate these still photographs into moving pictures for you?

Phase four: coming back, notice how many parts you can distinguish at a given time. How many rounds did it take for you to hear them all? Did you have to 'pitch your listening' to be able to hear just one part or sound at a time?

Phase five: Get Up and Danse!

Where does the energy~music resonate in your physical body? Which parts start to move first? Why?

Danse Steps: Step: Stationary Position ~ Turn Stationary ~ Step Tap: Side to Side ~ Front to Back ~ Diagonals ~ Add Turns ~ Walk ~ Add Arms: Up Overhead ~ Sides ~ Front ~ Back ~ March: Knees Up ~ Advanced: Slide ~ Glide ~ Slide & Glide, & Turn Slide & Glide, if you can.

Find your 'pivot point,' if you are able. Where is your absolute center of gravity, or 0 {zero} point, at any given time? If you don't sense 'points' at first, know that you will learn to distinguish these points in time.

Hey, this is not rocket science or The Carnagie Sessions. It's just music education and exercises here! You can do it 2! See what you discover!

Learn to Shift Your Energy Fast & Easy with Elma Meyer's Free 7 Minute Healing Session mp3! Practice, Practice, Practice!

Tip: Beatle Music Tickles!