Put 'em in the Right State of Mind

Perfect for a country bar scene via this fun, pre-demo in honor of our 'potential' ET friendz. Gets a hot harmonica part I didn't have at the time. Inspired by the actual July 4, 1996 Paulding, OH Crop Circle with recent /2018 youtube on it linked below. Plasma balls? Ha! TIME TO SPIN!!!!!!! [Note: I was wide~eyed~thrilled to see the 2 Kidz 'Spinning' in the circle at the end of the youtube I just now ran across 2/18! Spinning is one of the major exercises to develop 'abilities' as given by The Light on many occasions in my Vision Teachings here on The Hill. True! Old and cold notes to prove are smoldering, ready to burst into flame! Apparently it was truly The Light I was listening to after all. Talk about a Mission from God! Teaching with humor!? I laughed by fanny off on those days, and the info is still as good as gold. And that is another story, one of which is encapsulated in our Broadway version with a whole new, equally stellar, song lineup in~process at tarajories.com/Broadway. Viewing the video below again, I'm heartbroken that I didn't go down to see said crop circle not 1/2 hour from here. Some jerk told me it was a hoax and they cut all the wheat down to keep people from coming. 8-( ]

Lay Me Down

This has won every award in every contest entered including ISC 2015 Song of the Year Gospel Semi-Finalist. Yet, my marketing finds it still sitting hereon the shelf. To see its long list of credits linked below.

The Tsekoombah

The Tsekoombah [Man of Wisdom] ~ True Story ~ 1st link: lyrics.pdf, 2nd link: last minute+ w/screamin' guitar solo, 3rd link: lyric demo, watch your ears, all for the gist, 4th link: unnecessary so skip unless someone is trying out lyrics, being the entire song backing tracks that get a complete redo/arrangement, all PRE demos yet to be formally recorded and mastered. Agent E would be perfect for this if it can be worked in. The Tsekoombah could show up to help in the Transfer Station Blue scene, or elsewhere, whatever works. Could be released as a story~song single download with or without music video on its own.

Pick Me Up, Dust Me Off, Take Me Home

Tear Jerking, Heartfelt Country Gospel

A Real Good Thing

Bridge gets a sweet harmonica part, Elwood/Agent E, but we didn't have one here at the time, hence the lap steel. SO! Pull that back and rock it over top for the feature!

One Man's Pain

HellFire & BrimStone

Blue Ribbon Bull

Blocks For You ~ Lyrics partially done. BUT! I just found several others that are finished and may put them up if nothing above works, but that's never going to happen. They all rock!