~ Cosmic Orgazm ~

~ Number One ~

~ Let Go Into the Pure Perfect Pitch of a Pure Child's Voice Sung from a Pure Heart Chakra. There's Nothing There But YOU and the Frequenciez ~ Nested ~ Interfaced with the sound, the sentiment, the harmonies, the rhythm...

This section's Practice coordinates relaxing into, falling out of, tension, pain, suffering, stress, illness and imbalance on every level. Just relax. Don't DO anything or try to think or remember anything. Just BE THERE with the music and the sound. If you can add Light at home, or where ever you are, all the better. This piece will help you Practice Relaxing Intuit and Hitting the Yawn Spot at the Solar Plexus. Nothing More. Don't forget to Breathe. Notice each sense of Release that occurs at the Solar Plexus and elsewhere. Take the time to, and don't move on until, you're There. And Just Be There. You might even forget about social media for this one.

This was 'my' Message From Michael today. He said to make sure everybody hits the Yawn Spot. Let the tension of each muscle and nerve melt away, and so on until you've made one revolution of every joint in the skeletal system. And stretching. Like Michael's warmup en ready for The Danse. Then DO one. After you've just Been There, first.

Do Dr. Manfred Doepp's 8 steps to tension and trauma defusion resulting in brain and body balancing. Stress Relief. He reports a 95% success rate! This tune will get you There. On, BTW, he says, "Hello." And thank you, all. And he's doin' alright!

First Things First via YouTube: Deswitch with Dr. Manfred Doepp, M.D., etc. THEN, on to The Danse. Another time you might try Visual Motivation Cards, Tapping, with and without them, while you're Walking. Release. Hit the Yawn Spot at the Solar Plexus as Many Times as You Can. Breathe. Notice the Releases. And don't move on until you get there. Whole~Brained, Heart~Centered. Relaxed. Refreshed.

Sink into The Boyz... The Band. GO! He suggests this funny story re: perfect pitch. He said, paraphrased, daddy's gonna whoop us if we don't sing right. And SO they did! A harsh tactic, but it worked. It didn't take them long to sing right! And that's the Story of Perfect Pitch... Perfect Rhythm... Perfect Danse... from the Pure Heart of a Pure Child, Children all round. Resonance. Thanks to all.

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